Don't miss out. Stop reflect remember

Sometimes I am in such a rush, that I miss out on those simple moments.

The moments of beauty. The moments of silence. The moments of grace.

It's the Little Things that are the Big Things

My first Spring flowers just bloomed: two beautiful tulips.

The problem?

They were lost amidst the acres and acres of our woods. I was so excited to see the buds pop open, but no one was enjoying them.

They were hardly noticeable because all the other new growth was pushing them out.

Lovely, yet lonely. So I cut them, brought them inside, and took a few moments to embrace the beauty that I had been missing. I slowed down enough to marvel at the finest of miraculous details. I looked deep inside, and peeled across layers that are typically forgotten. I had forgotten… Have you looked around lately to simply marvel? You may be missing out on some beautiful moments, and I am not just talking cut flowers.