As summer lurks around the corner, I’m stashing my sweaters in lieu of sundresses and packing up the boots for my favorite sandals.

I love the thought of summer months, but the reality of hot temperatures and humidity reeks havoc on ones beauty regime. I’ve always been a “get ready and go in a few minutes” kind of a girl, and summer is no different.
In fact, summer is that time of year when one should lighten the beauty routine and let the natural reign through with make up, hair, and even fashion touches, but use caution, because it’s also the most dangerous time.

Dangerous, you say? Beauty is dangerous?

Oh, you know what I am going to mention. Those glorious, summer UV rays that we all love are the largest culprits to brown spots, wrinkles and skin damage, so taking precaution with our beauty choices is critical.

Do I sound like a momma giving too much advice?

Well, this momma had her son diagnosed with melanoma at just 11 years old (pre-blogging, so I never shared that story) and since then, my hubby and I are sticklers when it comes to our family’s skin.

Since I live in NC, I adhere to some of my top summer tips longer than most of you, but they are great ideas to take with you throughout the year.

Summer Skin Care

Years ago, when working with a make up artist, she quoted me a statistic that has stuck with me for decades. Every evening that you do not remove your make up equals one month of bad skin care (or something drastic). That could be a bogus statistic, but it worked.

Whenever I am tired, I think back on that conversation and at least remove remnants of the day with some kind of cleanser. My beauty regiment is very basic, but for years, I’ve been very consistent with solid cleansing and moisturizing of my skin. I think it’s helping me age well and investing in a few solid moisturizers is a worthwhile expense.

Heavy cleansers and lotions are too much on a hot summer day, so this may be the time to try a lighter one.


When I was younger, I would avoid exfoliating because I just didn’t like the gritty feel. Now I realize this is one of the most critical step in keeping ones skin fresh and healthy.  The dry, dead skin must be removed to allow new, fresh skin and by exfoliating, you deal with many of the common skin problems. Many people assume exfoliating is just for winter when ones skin is dryer, but it’s just as important to remove the flaking skin caused from the sun. The goal is to exfoliate as much as you can without causing any red irritation. That’s when you know to stop.

It’s key to remove the dry skin patches before you apply make up or it will not go on evenly.

Primer and Foundation

I love this time of year because one can tone down the make up. I am at an awkward age in life where the BeautiControl foundation that I’ve used for years (a very light, wet/dry base) isn’t working well for my skin any more, so I am on the hunt for something new and willing to pay for it. I asked some of my make up guru friends and three out of four of them recommended Mac Foundation .

While it’s higher priced than I normally pay, my foundations lost a long time since I wear such a small amount, so I figure that the pennies per day will be worth it.  If you aren’t a fancy make up person, since I haven’t been my whole life, my friend loves the new CoverGirl 3 in 1 foundation. I haven’t tried it, but for the price, plus finding a coupon, I may snatch up both. I always choose foundation with sun screen. Since I don’t want to have to worry about separate coverage on my face, this assures me it’s set.

If you don’t want to use two different foundations for summer and winter, then just add a bit of moisturizer to your foundations for a lighter application. It’s a great tip for summer or even use tinted moisturizer. It may be the only coverage you need.

A product that I’ve recently started using but is definitely the secret key to flawless looking skin is primer. I don’t use this on a daily basis but if I worked in an office on a regular basis or times when I wont great coverage, primer is the answer.

Primer keeps your make up in place all day. It completely helps take care of red blotches and reduced unwanted shine, which is so important in the summer. Apply it after your SPF and moisturizer and allow it to dry completely before putting on your face makeup. Smash Box Photo Finish Primer is one of the best. Yes, it’s higher priced, but again, lasts for ever. When people ask for my make up help, I share that Primer is the best kept secret in the make up world.

Bronzers and Self Tanners

Even though summer is the time to soak up that Vitamin D from the sun, the damages causes from the sun offset my need to be a bathing beauty. Yes, I still love a light tan, but I no longer lay out, even at the beach. I’ve been very pleased with the Jergens Natural Glow products that I’ve been testing over the last three months. I’ve learned to be very careful to apply it evenly on my body and it gives just enough glow that my pasty arms and legs are set for my trip to Florida. One of my friends read my last post on it and mentioned that she keeps a bottle in her car all the time as her daily moisturizer. That’s what I’ve been using as well and I like it.

Bronzing powders are a bit more tricky to pick. Some can be too dark or orange for your skin and I recommend going to a make up counter and experimenting with foundations and bronzers. Just a bit of bronzing powder goes a long way.

Cents of Style



Make sure you are protecting your eyes from the elements. This is the time to combine coverage and fashion with a cute pair of sunglasses, and there are some fun styles to pick from that can top off a summer outfit.

I use a liquid waterproof eyeliner in the summer. It glides on easily and love the simple definition it gives. Summer gives you an excuse to play with fun colored eye shadows. Most of us are conservative when it comes to our make up, but summer gives you the freedom to attempt looks you otherwise might not try.

Shimmery, metallic eye shadow looks gorgeous against bronzed skin. I’ve heard the most universally flattering shades are a neutral peach, copper, or bronze flecked with gold, but it’s also fun to experiment with bright shades such as aqua and teal for nights out.

Again, Mac Eye Shadow is a favorite, but when I want to give a try to new colors, I actually head to the dollar store and see what they have in stock. Even if the quality isn’t great, it’s just a fun try before I invest in colors that I love.

I didn’t realize that I had so much to say on my Summer Beauty Tips when I started this post, and I haven’t even gotten to hair or nails yet, so stay tuned for part two.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite Summer Beauty Tips. 
Is there anything that you do on a regular basis just for the summer?