High school girls just seem to know.

I think that special “sense” intuitively arrives when they hit their first teen year, and it’s honed to perfection as they get older.

They sniff out a fake, even if they might be one themselves.  They sense when other girls create facades, even when internal struggles reflect an opposite reality.

While girls don masks to cover their own insecurity, self-doubt, and even false pride, they still crave authenticity. They yearn for sincerity and desire grace-filled honesty. There’s kind of a mixed-up, hypocritical hierarchy of emotions that develops during the teen years, and often, continues into womanhood.

So when this seventeen-year-old girl brushed past me on our last day of VBS, I expected a courtesy smile, not dialogue.

She stopped, turned to me and relayed, “I really like you. You’re honest. I just like that, and I wanted to tell you.”

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