Gazing at these pictures, I had an epiphany.

I eyed a daughter who suddenly noticed she was being watched. When that realization set in, she sprinted passionately to the one she loved.

Yet I also saw myself, and how I desire to run the race.

This race called LIFE!

Apples+and+HP+Lions+Game 100408+003 Run  the Race with Abandon

So often I get sidetracked from what is truly important.
Apples+and+HP+Lions+Game 100408+004 Run  the Race with Abandon

I lose my perspective, and begin to pursue things that I am not called to do.
Good things, honorable things, but just not the best things for this season of life.
Apples+and+HP+Lions+Game 100408+005 Run  the Race with Abandon

I might even close my eyes to issues around me,and pretend that everything is alright.
“How are you?”
“Just fine, thanks, and you?”
Do I truly want to become vulnerable by taking off that “mask” we women are such masters at wearing?

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