Whether it's burgers, pizza or something fancy, we eat by candlelight. Love this tradition

As small children, the five senses are drilled into us during our preschool years – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch, yet as we reach adulthood, we often forget their importance.

Within our loving, fun, chaotic home, I am passionate about engaging the senses. Why did our teachers have us memorize those five key things: because stimulated senses enable us to experience life.

Our senses soothe us, comfort us, welcome us, alert us, nourish us, encourage us…and so much more. When we stimulate the senses of those around us, it communicates love and creates memories.

I really want you to think about that. Spending just a few minutes a day to stimulate the senses can communicate love to those around us in a new and fresh way and for me, the sense of smell and ambiance make all the difference.

Close your eyes. It’s almost Christmas, isn’t it? What are the smells that come to mind? 

Fresh pine from the Mistletoe or possibly Sparkling Spruce™? Mint Hot Cocoa or might you be a Cinnamon Apple Cider kind of girl?

Eat every meal by candlelight. It makes such a difference

Senses tie in with immediate memories.

Years ago, I shared our 18 years strong tradition of eating by candle light ever chance we get.

Yes, frozen pizza and Doritos night? I light the candles.

Mac and Cheese with salad? I light the candles.

Why in the world do we do this? Just think it through.

When is the last time you ate dinner by candlelight? Do you remember the tone it set? How those flickering lights helped soothe your soul? The smells of the beautiful candles?

Why don’t you turn off the overhead lights this evening, and light those candles.

Whether it’s pizza or pasta, salad or sirloin, eating by candlelight is one of our family’s favorite things to do. It enables the hectic pace of the day to fizzle, and allows conversation to flow – gracefully.

It also gives the appearance of a beautiful, calm atmosphere – even on those days or weeks when calm was the furthest thing from reality, and you house is struggling to be presentable.

Yes, I admit. I can have loads of piled laundry on the sofa and dust bunnies in all corners, but when we eat by candlelight, our home is transformed. No one notices and I pray that the kids only memories are of the dinners, not the dust bunnies. 🙂

The most precious of meal times

Eating by candlelight is a tradition that we hold year round, but it may be extra special for your children if you start it around the holidays. It’s been so fun to hear the stories from families every where that have shared, “We love eating by candle light now, thanks to you.”

Eating by candlelight whether pizza or fancy food is always a favorite family tradition

I appreciate that Glade® feels strongly about engaging the senses too. They want us to celebrate the season with their festive fragrances. If you love the fresh pine smell as much as our daughter, you’ll want to spread holiday magic through your home with the scent of bright holly berries and fresh pine garland, featured in Target’s exclusive scent, Under the Mistletoe. She lights this candle every, single day. 🙂

Glade Candles are some of my favorites

Celebrate the season with festive fragrances from Glade®. Spread holiday magic through the town with the scent of bright holly berries and fresh pine garland, featured in Target’s exclusive scent, Under the Mistletoe.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Glade®. The opinions and text are all mine.