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I’m really, really excited. I just completed my first photo book, with guaranteed arrival before Christmas. I know, I know, I am a procrastinator.

When Kodak “promised” it was so easy to make up a photo album and gave me the option to try, I took them up on their offer. I have always been intimidated by albums thinking of the time commitment to create one, but I found out they offered a Smart Fit option which will perform all the photo organizing and placement in chronological order. That means, if you are intimidated, it does the work for you.

I used to be a huge scrap booker, but realized that since I have gone with a digital camera all of our pictures stay on our cards. Our children love leafing through their scrapbooks, but I realize that option has ended since I don’t have anything in hard copy anymore. I’m changing that!

With 30% off the entire site, and free shipping, I just made an entire album in thirty minutes. Now, granted, I decided I didn’t want them all just in chronological order, so I switched some photos around which took a little longer.

Honestly, this is such a special gift for family members, or even to capture that special trip or event from this year. Find your card, set up an account, and upload the pictures. They will do the rest, or at least walk you through the process. Just think how much grandparents would love this!

I’m debating what other photo gift I can give for 30%  off site wide but you can even save Up to 50% on some items. But hurry, and note the shipping deadlines in the next few days. Tonight is your night to be creative. 🙂

Kodak Gallery Photobooks