Over the next four months, our family will spend a HUGE amount of time doing all things football related.
Right now, my teen boys have “2 a days,” meaning they are working out twice a day with the team. I am feeding football players, driving football players, washing football players clothes (ugh, the smell), but the fun part is that it’s the time of the year when NFL Fantasy Football Starts in our house.  I never understood the draw until my football loving mother (yes, good ole grandma) even joined in on the fun.
For the most part, we limit nearly all computer games in our home, but the comradery of picking your own NFL team and trying to determine strategy has been a bonding things for all the guys (and one girl…ah, grandma) in our family. They LOVE it!
I know a crazy post, but it’s fun, it’s time with family and friends, and it’s frugal…because it doesn’t get much better than free.
So, let the men in your life know about the Free NFL Fantasty football sign – ups. I am going now and forwarding this to my hubby at the office. 🙂