Last Thursday, I had a great time participating as a co-host along with Home Depot for their DIH (Do it Herself) Workshop.

Participating in the free kids workshops when our sons were little was always a highlight, but I had never attended one of the Ladies Nights Out before and it was a blast. Nothing like I had it anticipated, but it far exceeded my expectations. I understand that the workshops vary from store to store based on attendance size, but I hope the excitement for these workshops catch on because it’s a great night out.

Our workshop was packed! Can you even believe how many women turned out at our location? The staff has done a wonderful job of engaging the community, but with that many women, obviously it was impossible for everyone to have a hands on experience, so we walked them through the steps of our project.

Next month, the topic is learning how to install tile and that is something I really wanted to master for my kitchen backsplash.

I put together a little video highlighting our evening and right in the middle, there’s a surprise. You won’t believe one of this store’s new traditions. It’s so fun!! (If reading by email, click on over to the blog to watch it.)

I enjoyed my partnership with Home Depot and I love what they are doing to empower women in mastering all these DIY techniques. They are definitely taking the fear out of home projects. I am thrilled to announce that Debbie T will have $100 to spend at Home Depot. Hopefully, she’ll come over to my spray paint addiction side. ๐Ÿ™‚

And, the best part of the evening is that I am helping to raise up the next generation of Do it Herself girls.

Do you have any DIY plans for the near future? I’d love to hear about them.

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