I’m tackling the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma over at (in)courage today by sharing one of my tried and true favorite ways to save my sanity in the kitchen.

(It’s an oldie, but goodie.) 🙂

The kitchen clock states only one hour of free time, so I’m putting aside the old cookbooks, filled with traditional meal planning ideas, and discovering what one hour of well executed plays will accomplish in the kitchen.

What can I truly achieve in just one hour?  Will my sixty minute challenge result in a victory? I set the kitchen timer and decided to find out. I attacked this mission with fervor, and planned on conquering my mealtime madness…

Meal Planning 5 - Jen Schmidt

Can you believe all that I got accomplished with just one hour and 15 minutes of intentional time set aside to conquer this mealtime mountain?

If I can do this…you can too.

I am passionate about families spending more time connecting at the dinner table, and less time being frazzled with the process.

With simple meal planning, families not only save time, and HUGE amounts of money, but the lost art of shared dinner conversations makes this priceless.

Come on over to join me in this challenge and be (in)couraged. (One of my very favorite places in the blogging world.)