attitudeTo where has October flown? I haven’t even scratched the surface of “choosing to be intentional” with our personal finances, family and every day life during these 31 Days to More to Less. Somehow living life to its fullest often gets in the way – and it’s a beautiful way. I guess that’s part of Being More, and not just doing more. (Don’t worry though because the family finance topics will continue into Nov.)

One thing that has permeated my personal internal wrestling this month has been checking my attitude and priorities. Whether it’s my healthy living challenge (in which I finished my 30 Day Shred so well, and then haven’t dusted off the DVD since), clearing off my “I can do it all” plate, or even deciding “How much do I want it,” the “it” all comes down to attitude.

Attitude is one thing I can control. My circumstances will vary, but I can choose how I respond in the situation. Do I react or respond? That decision is monumental.

I’m sharing over at (in)courage today about my necessary attitude adjustment, and the swift kick in the pants that I needed. (Because it’s not always the kids that need one, you know. ;))

Click over to (in)courage, to see the outcome… and join me as I focus on “Being More” this season.
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ever grateful vaseGrateful for Life’s Simple Things

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Do you need a laugh today? The (in)courage writers often email one another when we have deadlines due. One of the writers let us know that this vase was on sale, and that she had ordered five for all her teacher gifts. Some humorous exchanged flew back and forth, including two pregnancy announcements, and then the kicker…”Oh my word! I thought that was a carafe?! I’ve been using it for orange juice for the past three months. Somebody slap some domesticity in me, please!”

So, my dear readers, enjoy this fabulous deal on the vase, but please know that it works as a carafe as well. Just be careful to drink from the “vase,” odd things may happen. 🙂
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