get lipstick stain out

For sixteen years of mothering, I haven’t had to worry about sharing any make up…until this year. Now both of my daughters are continually pilfering through my drawers and purse looking for the latest new color. Considering that my only beauty motto is “Never leave the house without earrings, lipstick and mascara,” I guess they get it from their momma.

That also means that I have moved from laundress extraordinaire of grass stains and mud to oil based stains such as lipstick (and salad dressing, peanut butter etc. 🙂 But it also means that any girlie time I have grabbed for myself, can now include my precious daughters. I look forward to that first manicure in triplet form.

As many of you know, for the last three months, I’ve partnered with Wisk Laundry Detergent as one of their Beta Blogger testers. Having been around for fifty years, they introduced their new Stain Spectrum Detergent in the red bottle. In the past, I often purchased Wisk due to their great value with great coupons, so I was excited to give their new product a test drive with some science experiments. This time it was right up our alley, as we had to get the lipstick stain out of the towel.

get lipstick out with wisk

My daughter kissed the towel leaving a good kiss stain (and that better be the only kiss stain left for many years lol). Then I covered the kiss mark with Wisk and I rubbed the stain for about 15 seconds. Then I rinsed the stain under warm water until there were no more visible stain marks. And I was amazed!! Now granted, the stain was still fresh, but I try really hard to get to stains as soon as they happen.
See all those Wisk Laundry detergents lined up in the pedestal stand of my washer? I purchased all of those for $1.99 a piece last week when Harris Teeter had them on sale. I paired them with the $2 off Wisk coupons from the Red Plum insert on 10/24 that I had purchased and I scored a great stock pile deal. If you don’t have any newspaper inserts, then use this $1 off Wisk Printable Coupon (click link and then choose household on the left side bar) and you still can get an amazing value.
This week Food Lion has the same deal (other stores do as well, but that was local to me) –  $3.99 $2 off Wisk laundry detergent = $1.99 RP 10/24 (ex 11/21).
Wisk stain remover coupon(Thanks to Wisk for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, and all those Wisk Detergents were bought separate from my partnership with Wisk. It was solely out of my couponing/household budget. I know a good stockpile price when I see it.)