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Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of giving the new Wisk Laundry Detergent a test drive to see if it lives up to what it’s promising. It’s been reinvented with a powerful new formula, but since it was the very first laundry detergent on the market with it’s iconic slogan “ring around the collar” most of us have enjoyed it for years.

Last month, my daughter and I had a blast with our real life laundry science lab experiment, but this month’s challenge was a perfect fit for our lifestyle – or so I thought.  Our family grills out regularly, so ketchup drips on the shirt are a typical weekly challenge which makes me shudder, but when I actually WANT ketchup stains, then it all of a sudden becomes a testosterone laden attempt to see who can shove the hot dog in their mouth the quickest. (Everything has to be a competition with boys.) 🙂

I loved the authenticity in this experiment because my 11 year old daughter, who is my neat freak, was very worried, “What if the ketchup doesn’t come out of the white shirt, Mom?” I told her that we’d just have to show exactly what happened. That’s why it’s an experiment.

wisk detergent

Once the boys decided who was actually going to be “King of the Ketchup,”  I took the shirt and poured the Wisk straight on the stain (see first photo collage). I scrubbed for a few seconds, and let it sit for about five minutes. Then I vigorously rubbed and rinsed the Wisk off the shirt and VOILA, the stain came completely out and I hadn’t even washed the shirt in the washer yet. I was seriously impressed.

Since Wisk has been supplying so many great coupons lately, I have been stocking up on their detergent and have not been disappointed. It cleans well and smells wonderful, which in this football playing laundry house is VERY important to me. 🙂

Remember to stockpile when it goes on sale. I love directing you to the great coupon. Right now you can print  $1/1 internet printable (click on the word Household – left sidebar and you’ll come right to it.) Harris Teeter has it on sale right now for only $3.99. Pair it with the $1/off coupon and you have an amazing stockpile price. You may print two coupons from each site.

Wisk.com also has another $1 off coupon, so stock up when your store has it on sale.


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This post is sponsored by Wisk. I actually bought the Wisk out of my own money, but I did receive monetary compensation for my time in writing and posting my review. As always,  my review and opinions are my own, and I sure am glad the Wisk got the stain out because if it didn’t, I would have shown you that too.