It’s summer time: days to create, be inspired and relax, right?
Sometimes I chuckle when I think that my summer was going to magically open up my calendar to all of those wonderful handmade creations I desired to make and finish?
Where have those lazy days of summer gone? I want them back to try again.
What the summer has allowed me are a bunch of spray painted DIY projects that took me ten minutes or less to create.
From spray painting old yard sale tables, trays and brass vases, to adorning silver trays with chalkboard paint, those seem to be my most favorite projects lately because there is instant gratification. My girls have had fun joining in with me, and as a result, we donned red, white and blue spray painted “manicures” for the 4th of July (not by choice).

Emma and Abby created some fun and trendy vases by re-using an old Frappuccino bottle (my fave) and a glass soda bottle. This project is so easy and can be made with items from around the house.
Just tear white tissue paper into strips, adhere using Modge Podge, and then, based on if you like the brown color, “glaze” with shoe polish. This would be adorable using only colored tissue paper and glazed solely with Modge podge as well, and I have seen newspaper used instead of tissue paper for a vintage look.
There’s something about creating items with our own hands that inspires and invigorates us, isn’t there?
Not only is Home Made Simple a company I love to partner with since their goal is to empower us to make our homes a place where we love to be: a place where the personal touch matters most, but their new marketplace inspires the entrepreneurial spirit.
I am passionate about women finding ways to earn extra income, and this opportunity allows anyone to do it through using their gifts of creativity.
How wonderful is that? Even a novice crafter, can find their perfect fit here.

Now while my Ragamuffin Garland was done while watching a movie late at night, with free fabric from a yard sale, it was fun. It definitely will not be something I plan on selling anytime soon, but I enjoyed my time in the creative process (even better that it was a free project).
So what about you?
Have you had time this summer to get those creative juices flowing? I can’t wait to hear.
I’d love for you to share any DIY or Handmade Projects you have been creating (and it can win you a beautiful, eye candy book).
Balancing Beauty and Bedlam admires your creativity! Share your favorite handmade creation with us and get entered to win a 300-page hardcover copy of the book,“Home Made Simple: Fresh Ideas to Make Your Own”.

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