This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.
A few months ago, I was in Nashville for the Blissdom Blogging Conference and I had the privilege to sit in on a focus group for Freschetta Pizza, where we tasted every variety that they offered, such as BBQ Chicken, Vegetable Medley, Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom and even Six Cheese Medley, as well as introducing me to the concept of FRESCHETTA® By the Slice.
This hour was an interesting time looking at their desire to not just offer a good pizza, but one that really focuses on quality, taste and quite frankly, a gourmet twist. They wanted our honest opinions, and took into account all of our feedback. I was shocked that some of the women in the group refuse to eat frozen pizza. They had a preconceived notion that it tasted like card board. They had not tried Freschetta because it really is like homemade.
Since I feed a massive amount of people on a regular basis, namely teenage boys, frozen pizza is a staple at our house. I never realized my guys paid attention to the brand of pizza they were eating until I sat in on this focus group. As I was leaving our hotel room,  my son asked where I was going, and when he found out, he immediately responded, “Make sure and tell them it’s by far my favorite.”
I was shocked.
I had never heard a preference for pizza, and so I questioned him on it. Again he said, “Oh definitely, mom, it’s by far the best tasting pizza out there.”
Freshetta’s Pizza by the Slice is a great option for those on the run, or even those attempting to curb the calories. I didn’t think it was possible to pop a piece of pizza in the microwave and still have it taste excellent, but this does. It’s a great option for lunches, or in our case, snacks on the go.
One of my honest assessments to the Freschetta staff was that I purchase frozen pizza based on sales, coupons and taste. I shared that value is extremely important to me as I feed a family on a budget. I love that they listened.
Check out Freschetta’s Facebook page, “like” them, and click on the coupon tab. You’ll be able to print a coupon for $2 off, plus, they are always giving a heads up to additional savings, and more coupons.
Well, all this talk about pizza is making me hungry. It’s on sale this week at my local grocery store, so I think I might just be enjoying a fabulous tasting, yet quick and easy meal for dinner tonight.
Care to join me?
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