starbucksfrapYou all know how much I love my Starbucks, therefore I am the blessed recipients of  Starbucks gift cards. (My latest was from a sweet lady in my church who doesn’t drink coffee and passed hers on to me. I was giddy… thanks Sharon.)
Anyhow, do you know ALL the freebies I have been missing out on because I didn’t register my cards? Do you know how I found out? I went to purchase a free Starbucks refill on a regular coffee and when I pulled out my Starbucks gift card the barista told me, “You know if you had registered this gift card, your refill would be free..”
WHY DID HE HAVE TO TELL ME? A frugalista? It took me about an hour to get over the fact I missed out on a free coffee.  🙂
Now I know better.
If you received a Starbucks gift card OR have one sitting in your purse right now, work off some of that Christmas meal (come on, I’m waiting, don’t procrastinate like I did), click this link and enter in your info. Not only will you get a free coffee refill, but you’ll get emails for a free drink on your birthday, you’ll earn extra freebies and more.
If you pay cash for your Starbucks fix, purchase a gift card instead so you can make your purchases work for you. (Just a little tip. :))

Register your Starbuck’s Rewards Card now

don’t procrastinate and miss out like I did.