Recently, I saw a few friends’ finished canvases from Canvas People and thought I would let you know about this amazing deal just in time for the holidays.

They are giving every home a FREE Canvas! Every first time customer receives a $55 coupon that can be applied to a 8×10 canvas or put toward a larger size canvas, creative effects or beautiful frames! Yes, you can choose one for FREE, you just pay shipping which is around $14. This is such a precious gift choice for pennies on the dollar.

When choosing your photo, remember that these are wrapped canvases. See the picture above? The ends of the picture will wrap around the sides, so make sure there aren’t any key elements near the sides of the photo. I’m pondering Black and White. Also, a photographer told me that since typically canvas prints have a bit “warmer” color saturation, you may want to take that into effect when choosing colors. All good things to remember for a first timer. I am so excited to order, but hurry so that it comes in time for the holidays.

It’s so easy. Just register with Canvas People through this link. Upload your picture and create. It will take about five minutes (well, not including the picking out the picture part, which could be REALLY HARD! ;)). Enjoy!