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Just yesterday some of my friends said they had ordered these inexpensive sunglasses last month and love them. I can’t believe they are offering them again, but for those of you who missed out this great deal, here are the details.
“Sunglasses are on my list of “must have” Frugal Fashionista accessories. Considering that I have two daughters who want to wear mine all the time, I buy cute, fashionable, inexpensive sunglasses and have them in both cars, my purse etc etc….you get the idea. They change up an outfit and give extra personality.”
Well, you can find today’s Deal of the Day at GRAVEYARD MALL.
They have a grab bag special which features TEN pairs of sunglasses for $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping (Compare that to $220 retail!) The picture this time shows they are Mudd brand, and typically one pair sells for more more than all ten of these put together.
Four of my friends said that out of the ten, they LOVED six pairs… the rest  make great birthday party favors. :)
The site states:

  • Sunglasses will be Shipped March 18th
  • 10 Pair of Ladies Sunglasses
  • Styles will be an assortment of those shown
  • Can’t name the brand, but maybe the pic will help
  • Retail tags may be removed prior to shipping

Grab your sunglasses here while Supplies Last – it’s a daily deal, so this may not be available past March 4th, but check. Last time it was extended for a half day.