October 21, 2017

Sunday Praise and Worship


Worship – 0417 from WAV Technologies on Vimeo. (If viewing this through email or reader, please click over to the blog to view.)

Join me as we Worship – Our Sunday Morning Music


Worship – 0501 from WAV Technologies on Vimeo. It’s been over a year since I have led worship with a completely acoustic set – three voices and the piano, with songs that opened the veil and let me see just […]

Remembering…My Fox News Interview regarding Frugal Living


As I prepare for my blog redesign that was supposed to be done forever ago, I’ve been getting side tracked quite often.  Completely my fault, as I’ve been taking a step back in time to read over old posts. So […]

A Sunday Moment: Join me in Worship


Worship- 0220 from WAV Technologies on Vimeo. Worship- 0220 from WAV Technologies on Vimeo. Join us as we share our worship music from this past Sunday.

Scarves – How Do I Tie a Scarf?


How To Tie a Scarf Are you new to my Frugal Fashionista series? Find out how I dress in designer clothes for less. Yes, for mere pennies on the dollar, my outfits are less than $15, and did I mention…all […]

Scarf Tying 102: Easy, Frugal & Fabulous


It’s no secret from this Frugal Fashionista that I love scarves, but many people are afraid to experiment with them since finding ways to wear scarves creatively can seem intimidating. In a previous video, I shared a variety of really […]



Worship – 1128 from WAV Technologies on Vimeo. Some of my favorite songs from our worship team this past Sunday. Indescribable (Song two)… (If reading this by email or feed reader, you need to click on the blog post title […]

How to Make Homemade French bread


Making homemade bread seems like a daunting task, but this detailed video of me going on and on will show you how you can literally make homemade French bread with only ten minutes of your time (plus, the extra time […]

Make your Own Beans – Freezer Cooking (Refried Beans, Crock Pot Beans)


  It’s been a busy work day during this freezer cooking/spray paint my kitchen island kind of day. I have ten pounds of chicken cooking in some way, shape or form. I made up lots of turkey bacon, and then […]

Morning Routines…What are Yours?


When I was asked to share a little bit about my morning routines, my knee jerk reaction responded, “Why morning routines? Please, ask me about living on a budget, couponing or raising kids, but to share about my morning routines…AHH!” […]

Finding Great Clothes at a Thrift Store


Thrifting just runs in my blood. I think it’s an additional gene I was given in the womb. My mind thinks in second hand images, so I thought I would take you along for a sneak peak into one of […]