November 18, 2017

Saving Money on Vacation (on food)


Since I just returned from the beach, I thought I would share some of my past tried and true tips about saving money on food while vacationing. Believe it or not, one new trick I did this year was to bring a […]

Feeding the 5,000 (What are Your Choices?)


Most people don’t plan spontaneous graduation parties, but if there’s one thing I’ve realized, often spontaneous is best when it comes to group gatherings. Such was the case for our get together Sunday evening. Whenever my extended family gathers, it’s […]

Grocery Guru Tip: Use Your “Eagle Eyes” to save Big $


If there’s any one that knows how to save money in the kitchen, it’s me. I shared with my dad this weekend that it’s a little weird to referred to as a frugal living expert, since there are so many […]

DIY Homemade Microwave Popcorn (Why Did We Wait?)


Our Stir Crazy Popcorn popper is a regular appliance on my counter top. We are a huge popcorn eating family. The yummy, homemade and oil kind of popcorn. The kind you just can’t get enough of, and people even ask […]

My Food Budget Update (and Free Meal Planning For Life)


Ever since the Extreme Couponing show aired last year and our stores were flooded with new couponers desiring to learn the ropes of this age old jewel of saving money, I’ve reaccessed how I’ve shopped. Yes, all the tips I […]

Tasty Tuesday: Pantry Challenge Update


It’s the last day of the month, which means my January Pantry Challenge has come to a close. We started out by understanding the need to get organized and I offered a simple Freezer Checklist that might help. Then we […]

How to Cook London Broil?


London Broil creates a sense of wonder for my food budget. Often, it’s  marked down due to a short dated sale, allowing me to prepare a carnivore’s dream for only a few dollars. The problem? For years, I’d grab it, […]

Stockpiling Food and Being Prepared: When is Enough Enough?


Last week, I received an email from a reader with the title, “Enough is Enough.” Here’s an excerpt, “So, I have been couponing and living the frugal lifestyle for over a year now…but am getting sick of how much stockpile […]

Grocery Guru: Extreme Savings without coupons?


I’m smack dab in the middle of one of my Grocery Guru Super Doubles weeks at my local Harris Teeter grocer. I hit the store nearly every day, stock up on the best deals available using my twenty coupon limit, […]

How to Make Pumpkin Puree & Save Money


Last week, I shared on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page about my love of all things fall, including my yummy and oh, so easy, Pumpkin Bar Recipe. A few statuses later, after I got everyone excited about quadrupling […]

Budgeting for Food: How Do You Handle It? (Free Printable)


Last week’s frank and honest discussion answering, “What are Your Monthly Food Costs?” was quite eye opening.  I so appreciate everyone sharing, and yet am nearly at a stale mate with how to begin addressing the varying ranges. Reading the […]

Power Cooking: Meals in Minutes (video demo)


Our family meal plan comes together when I write it down on purpose, on paper. With that being said, there are so many times where crazy, busy life schedules get in the way and that is when my Power Cooking […]

No Spend/Pantry Challenge Continues: Straight from Guatemala


Even though I am in Guatemala, and you may think that I took a short hiatus from my No Spend, Clear out and Eat from the Pantry, Fridge and Freezer Challenge, think again. This week I have dug into that […]

Creative Cooking Saves Money: How are you doing?


Welcome Tasty Tuesday friends to my No Spend, Clear Out, Eat from my Pantry and Garden Challenge Update. If you missed the introduction for it, find out about the Challenge here. I have gone NINE days without buying anything from […]

How is Your Garden Growing? Tasty Tuesday


Typically, it’s about this time of year when I lose all desire to care for my garden. I mentioned before that I tripled my garden size, which felt so productive in the spring, but now is when reality sets in […]