October 20, 2017

10 Easy Party Hair Styles


As the holidays approach and we start seeing beautifully decorated homes, amazing holiday fashion and talk of festivities galore, I look in the mirror and realized I’ve gotten into my same ponytail rut. Any long time readers know that this […]

Defying Your Age: Hair Tips for Looking Younger


These are some of my best friends – all over 40 and 50, but they look better now than when I first met them. Our third son was just four months old and I was juggling having three boys in […]

30 Second “Pony Tail Rut” Buster


Last week, I posted on Facebook and Instagram this super quick 30 second braided “bun” that I literally created while I was sitting at the computer reading, and you all wanted to know how to do it. I almost feel […]

Frugal Fashionista “Red Carpet” LA Style


Thrift store shopping is not for the faint of heart, nor is it the place to shop when you need the perfect outfit immediately. I always recommend that people shop way ahead of time for that “perfect” look, in fact, […]

Tips for Choosing a Hair Stylist & Going For a Big Change (mine: 4 inches)


Throughout college, I worked as a receptionist in a really nice hair salon. It was always interesting for me to find out how people choose a good hair stylist. For first time visitors, that was often the first question I […]

Easy Half Braid (perfect for long or shorter hair)


Over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a little side tracked from my 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge, but we’re definitely on our way again.  Many friends have shared that since they never mastered how to hold three […]

Embrace the Hair Challenge: Be Inspired – Bald is Beautiful


It’s been fun sharing some creative hair inspiration, and considering I am only about 1/3 of the way through my 30 days of posting ideas, it will definitely continue. What I am sharing today is the most important Hair Challenge […]

Hair Challenge: Twist & Pin – Perfect style for long and short hair length


I’ve had a fun “play around with my hair” week, and my apologies for not posting any new styles for our 30 Days (that’s spread out through a few months) hair challenge.  I’ve officially dug myself out of my pony […]

Fanciful Fun Pony Tail for Longer Hair


Trying to find easy, yet simple ways to dress up my pony tail has become my hair mission. Since every time I get my hair cut, I sit in the stylist chair and remind them I am really flexible, AS […]

The Sara: Easy Curled Up-Do (that looks like you styled it all day)


Are you having fun with our 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge? Remember, the goal is not  necessarily to be “Red Carpet Ready” every day, but just to encourage ourselves to get out of our rut. I find that […]

Side Pony Tail Twist (& a hint of frugal fashion)


I’ve been the queen of the side pony tail. But then last week, I showed you the inverted pony tail which is another fun and easy look. In my opinion, any traditional pony tail creates a hint of drama when […]

30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge – Inverted Pony Tail Styles


It’s Day One of my 30 days – 30 ways hair challenge, and while I won’t be posting every day about “all things hair,” I thought I would ease us into a very simple style that has fabulous options. My […]

30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge


This month is going to be fun! I am officially inviting you to join me for the 30 days – 30 ways Hair Challenge. A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned at the end of my Frugal Fashionista “Covering the […]

Frugal Tips for Transitioning Daytime Looks into Nighttime Glamour


Glancing at the clock, I realized time had slipped away. I knew my husband’s office dinner party started in a few hours, but I needed to confirm the time. “Jen? People are heading over there in thirty minutes,” he confirmed. […]