October 18, 2017

Tasty Tuesday – Cookbooks Galore


Last year, I remember enjoying the responses on my post, “What’s your Favorite Cookbook?”  This was where I admitted that collecting cookbooks was a definitely downfall of mine. It still is, and the sad part is that it never even […]

Money Saving – All You Magazine


If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time, it’s no secret that my favorite money saving magazine is All You. They touch on all the topics I love – fashion, DIY, meal planning…everything for slashing the budget. […]

My Extreme Couponing Day


As another episode of Extreme Couponing is set to air on TLC, I’ll spend time answering questions for confused newbie couponers. Shoppers that want to mimic the “expertise” shown on the show, and buy $1000K worth of groceries in one […]

Extreme Couponing Tip (even if you don’t cut coupons) – Unadvertised Specials


Having just walked in the door from my Sunday grocery trip, I’m reminded of one of the best extreme couponing tips available to all of us. Yes,  advise that you can apply immediately, even those of you who don’t want […]

Extreme Couponing – it’s not reality


(My “not so extreme” shopping trip today – $7. Already eaten was our dinner –  a bucket of chicken on sale for $4.99, but marked to $1.99 because the deli was closing, as well as marked down apples.) Extreme Couponing: […]

Shop Like a Deal Pro…


I thought you may enjoy seeing part of my interview for Savings.com. I know it’s always fun to put a voice and face with the writer behind the blog. 🙂 We chatted for about ten minutes about many ways that […]

Free On-Line Budgeting Tool


As much as I tried to complete my budgeting posts before I went out of town, I didn’t accomplish it.  I’m speaking at a blogging Conference this weekend, and knew that filling the fridge with some food for my family […]

Extreme Couponing: Grocery Guru Strikes Again


It’s a Grocery Guru shopping week here in the beauty and bedlam household, and I got a cart full of groceries for next to nothing. Some call this extreme couponing, but as I know, this is nothing compared to those […]

Grocery Guru saves a bundle at Harris Teeter


Savings during triple coupons at Harris Teeter

Freebies for you…who doesn’t like free things?


For those of you newer to my blog, this is a freebie weekly addition that I am testing.Feel free to come back tomorrow for my regularly scheduled programming….which will either be a great $5 hutch redo, or some easy dinner […]