December 19, 2014

Let Them Fly: Dresser Makeover by Up & Coming DIYer

Dresser Redo by a 9 year old

Nov. 2012 “Mom, can I please get my own dresser? PLEASE? It’s not fair that Abby has one and I don’t have any “real” spot for my clothes.” “Honey, there’s just not enough room in there for another dresser, but […]

Easy, Frugal and Gorgeous Ornament Garland

Ornament Garland at

My last two weeks have contained a world wind of the unexpected. From more basketball games than I can count, which include my new title, “Professional Concessions Stand Lady,” to decorating the school cafeteria for our son’s football banquet for […]

The Party that Almost Wasn’t

Christmas party ladies night

The phone rang, and I just knew it was someone calling about the party. My stomach sank, and I got that nervous tummy feeling. You know that one that happens when you just aren’t sure what you are going to […]

Lessons I’ve Learned from My Redneck Freezer

Outside shed

As I drive my mini van down our winding gravel drive, I am greeted by an old familiar friend.  He’s faithfully held some of my most “prized” positions; stored frozen goodies acquired from hours of dedicated grocery guru shopping, yet […]

Doctored Up Snickers Cupcakes (with cake mix)

doctored up chocolate cupcakes

Over the last few months, I have had to make a lot of cupcakes. With every thing from graduations to bridal showers to “Welcome to America” gatherings, there’s been a desire for the beauty that only a decorated cupcake brings […]

DIY: Old Headboard Into New Welcome Sign

Headboard turned Welcome Sign

Living in the country has a slew of pros and cons. The obvious highlight is the breathtaking beauty we experience every day coming down our winding driveway. The leaves haven’t reached their peak yet, but in another two weeks, this […]

It Was Just Fine (Tasty Tuesday)

Good enough treats

As I opened my inbox this morning, I received one of those courtesy emails reminding me that I had to bring snacks this evening for my high school son’s “round table discussion.” You know the kind of reminder that you […]

It Just Doesn’t Matter What You Think…well, kind of…

crash collage

Two years ago, I introduced you to my big ‘ole “Hunk O Junk.” While I thought that this blue beauty was a Good ‘enough Thing at the time, never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated that we would […]

Beautiful Creativity: Fall Flowers Planted in a Pumpkin

planting mums in pumpkins

Last Saturday, some brand new friends joined our family for dinner. As they walked through the door, arms extended, they offered us a precious momento of true Southern Hospitality – this beautiful fall mum. It was such a gracious sentiment. […]

Tablescape Magic: Turn Your Glasses Upside Down

simple elegance glassware as candle holders

One of my first ever DIY blog posts written nearly four years ago was entitled,“DIY: Even You Can Do This.” I remember how excited I was to share all the unique ways I was using glassware, mainly by just turning […]

15 Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizers

Cheese Grater Jewelry Organizer

I’ve been pondering my jewelry organization a lot lately. Not because of my earlier inspiration from these fabulous  DIY ideas using old or vintage jewelry, but because my jewelry is slowly creeping into all areas of my bedroom. I have […]

Spray Painting Cabinet Knobs: “Good “enough” Things

spray paint brass cabinet knobs

Two years ago, I gazed at beautiful, new cabinets and dreamt about the day when I could create the kitchen of my dreams. Instead, I went to my Good “Enough” Plan B, and knew that updating my knobs would suffice […]

It’s All About the Cake: Krispy Kreme Cake

How to Make a Dirt Cake

Teen Age Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget With five children, we have definitely hosted our share of parties – birthday parties, going away parties, graduation parties,bridal “parties,” Just Because parties, and probably every category not listed. There’s nothing better […]

31 Days of Good “Enough” Things


Over the last few Octobers, I’ve participated with some of my sweet friends in tackling one theme for an entire month. My first year, I embraced 31 Days of More with Less, while last year, I tackled 31 Days to […]