November 17, 2017

Grocery Guru Tip: Get it Free at the Dollar Tree


(Just a bit of my Dollar Tree Coupon Haul) It’s been awhile since I’ve done any of my couponing posts. This does not mean that I have stopped couponing, nor have I given up my Grocery Guru title. Nope, nearly […]

Rethinking my Strategy after Extreme Couponing


It’s the first day of Super Doubles week at my favorite grocery store, and I’m having to implement a whole new strategy to my “Grocery Guru” status. I shared my opinion on the reality of the Extreme Couponing show, or […]

My Extreme Couponing Day


As another episode of Extreme Couponing is set to air on TLC, I’ll spend time answering questions for confused newbie couponers. Shoppers that want to mimic the “expertise” shown on the show, and buy $1000K worth of groceries in one […]

Extreme Couponing Tip (even if you don’t cut coupons) – Unadvertised Specials


Having just walked in the door from my Sunday grocery trip, I’m reminded of one of the best extreme couponing tips available to all of us. Yes,  advise that you can apply immediately, even those of you who don’t want […]

Extreme Couponing – it’s not reality


(My “not so extreme” shopping trip today – $7. Already eaten was our dinner –  a bucket of chicken on sale for $4.99, but marked to $1.99 because the deli was closing, as well as marked down apples.) Extreme Couponing: […]

Extreme Couponing: Grocery Guru Strikes Again


It’s a Grocery Guru shopping week here in the beauty and bedlam household, and I got a cart full of groceries for next to nothing. Some call this extreme couponing, but as I know, this is nothing compared to those […]

$500 Month Food Budget – 3 Moms Update


Do you remember when I was challenged with one month of reality cooking? Toni, Kate and I embarked on our 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Day Challenge. Specifically, I shared how I shopped, cooked and fed a family of seven […]

Stockpiling Groceries 101


Stockpiling Groceries Having  just returned from my local grocery store with what appears to be a very unbalanced shopping trip, I thought I would share the method to my madness;  a proven method of consistently slashing our grocery budget by […]

Starbucks Stock Up and a free cup on them


When Starbucks first opened, I’ll never forget thinking,  “Who in the world would ever pay $3.50 for a cup of coffee?” Well, millions of consumers later,  Starbucks has laughed its way to the bank while many personal pocket books have […]

Grocery Guru shopping – 3 Moms update


Disclaimer: Only tried and true meat eaters will want to see these pictures. It’s a Carnivore’s Delight. As I slowly share my grocery guru mentality, it’s been a joy to interact with many of you about your new found “Grocery […]

Grocery Shopping on a Budget


As we begin dissecting our personal finances, we’ve thought about our needs vs. wants, realized that tracking grocery expenses are the best way to understand where all the food money is disappearing, and now for what you’ve all asked – […]

Feeding a Large Family for $500 a Month


I get so many questions on how I can possibly feed our family of seven (with three teen age boys) and still stay under $500/month. Well, it’s here! 31 days of sharing how meals work (and don’t work) in our […]

Grocery Stockpiling again…


This is the post that I admit that I went grocery shopping nearly every day last week during my Pantry Challenge. Remember the challenge where I was NOT going to shop for stockpiled items, and only spend $100? Well, I […]

Grocery Guru’s #1 Money Saving Tip


As I speak to women about saving money, research latest trends, and listen to all the feedback you wonderful ladies give in the comments (hint, hint), I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to state that meal planning and grocery shopping are two areas with which most women struggle.

But guess what, those areas are the easiest and most effective way to see immediate results in lowering your monthly budget.

Now take a deep breath. I am not going to recommend taking on an outlandish challenge like spending $100/month on groceries or just $25 last week. 🙂 What crazy mom does that, but I am going to share my #1 Grocery Guru Money Saving Tip which doesn’t require clipping even one coupon.

Groceries for $25/week


My Meal Plan Monday includes our first week of the Pantry Challenge where I went $1 over budget..gasp.

Even though the Pantry Challenge officially started January 1st, I am already one week into it. After I posted our family’s outlandish intentions to only spend $100 on groceries for our family of seven, I honestly decided to just begin…that day.

Why go shopping one last time and stock up? The goal is to use up what’s in my freezer, pantry and fridge, thus saving money, being creative and appreciating the abundance that is there (even when kids claim…”there’s nothing to eat.”)