October 18, 2017

Lower Your Grocery Budget by Tracking your Food Expenses


If there’s one way to begin decreasing your grocery budget, as well as being accountable to some kind of meal plan, it’s by agreeing to blog about your kitchen activity nearly every day for an entire month. (See below for […]

Eating from the Pantry, Freezer and Fridge


Many of you joined me in January as I ate from our pantry, freezer and fridge for the Pantry Challenge. We successfully ate for $150 by using what we had on hand. Well, it wasn’t my intent, but the same […]

Save Money by Cooking Creatively


Saving money by cooking creatively and sticking to a really small budget is a talent that every one can learn. The more accurate question is “Do you really want to?” Unfortunately, these suggestions will not be of  help to those […]

Best Popcorn Ever!! (Healthy Snacks)


Finding food to eat during our Pantry Challenge will not be a problem this month, but getting my childrens’ hands on snacks in a timely manner requires some creative thinking. My favorite popcorn popper EVER, West Bend  Electric Popcorn Popper […]

Save Money on Groceries by Eating from your Pantry


Life was hectic when we arrived home from our time in Florida.

I hadn’t gone grocery shopping and had no desire to prioritize it. We had frozen milk, meat and veggies all waiting in the freezer, so I went a complete week without grocery shopping after having been gone for ten days. I seriously didn’t think it could be done, but it was, and our monthly grocery bill was nearly non existent.

Now, I have been challenged to an “Eat from your Pantry” month with my good blogging friends. The encouragement it to attempt to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible, eat out of the pantry, freezer and fridge and get creative when my children say, “Mom, there’s nothing to eat.”

Tips For Eating on Vacation?


Spending nine days in Orlando before Christmas is not a budget expense that is part of our “God Watch.” So as I cook in our condo, and enjoy this spontaneous week away, I thought I would invite you to share your best meal tips for eating on vacation.

For many, vacation equals eating out, and that’s what makes it a true vacation. Yet others can’t stand the thought of seeing their precious dollars disappear on food and would rather spend it elsewhere during their time away. How do you handle food during your vacation?

How to Save Money on Meat


  This past weekend, I spoke at Lysa Terkeurst‘s  (President of Proverbs 31’s) conference. You all know how I love to find great deals, so it was only appropriate that I spoke  from my “Becoming a Grocery Guru” workshop. I […]

Creative Meal Planning – part two


Eating is reality. Learn to save money, time and have fun by making meals with friends.