October 20, 2017

Budgeting for Food: How Do You Handle It? (Free Printable)


Last week’s frank and honest discussion answering, “What are Your Monthly Food Costs?” was quite eye opening.  I so appreciate everyone sharing, and yet am nearly at a stale mate with how to begin addressing the varying ranges. Reading the […]

Power Cooking: Meals in Minutes (video demo)


Our family meal plan comes together when I write it down on purpose, on paper. With that being said, there are so many times where crazy, busy life schedules get in the way and that is when my Power Cooking […]

No Spend/Pantry Challenge Continues: Straight from Guatemala


Even though I am in Guatemala, and you may think that I took a short hiatus from my No Spend, Clear out and Eat from the Pantry, Fridge and Freezer Challenge, think again. This week I have dug into that […]

Creative Cooking Saves Money: How are you doing?


Welcome Tasty Tuesday friends to my No Spend, Clear Out, Eat from my Pantry and Garden Challenge Update. If you missed the introduction for it, find out about the Challenge here. I have gone NINE days without buying anything from […]

The No Spend, Clear Out & Eat from my Garden Pantry Challenge


Our Fourth of July parties are completed, and I am diving into our Summertime Pantry Challenge, where my goal is to eat from our fridge, freezer and pantry for the month, and share some additional ways to save money on […]

Sick of Eggs? Frugal & Unique Ideas for the Perfect Food


I have been an official “chicken farmer” for over ten years now. The problem? Three of our five children have declared “No More Eggs,” and I have had to get creative with my ideas for this most perfect food. Imagine […]

Breakfast Ideas – No Food Waste Week


No Food Waste Week was a huge success in our home, minus the fact that I haven’t updated a post with all my suggestions and your wonderful ideas, but don’t worry, I am still writing it. I went the entire […]

No Food Waste Week


We’ve all done it. We clean out our pantry, and find boxes, bags and cans of food that are well past their expiration date, so we throw them out immediately. The wilting produce in the fruit bowl? It’s just easier […]

Rising Produce Prices? What’s Your Plan?


Incorporating whole foods and produce into our daily diet is continually getting more expensive as gas prices rise, weather disasters occur, and a general downfall in the economy continues. Is this rise in produce prices affecting your meal plan? Are […]

Kitchen Tips: Easy and Odd Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen


Last week, I shared some of my top money saving tips that make a difference in our food budget. You all joined in with some of your favorites. This week, I thought it would be helpful to share some kitchen […]

Budgeting for Food


For most people, the quickest way to see a tangible difference in their pocket book is by examining personal food expenditures, and attacking that aspect immediately. Why food? Because unlike other fixed income expenses that are consistent every month, such […]

Need an Idea for Your Extra Coffee? Iced Coffee


Forever, I will declare my love of a good morning cup of coffee. Starbucks brewed fresh in my coffee maker saves me hundreds of dollars that can be used for other things. Yet most days, I always have a little […]

Thrifting…for Food? It’s the Best!


Time with special girlfriends is a rarity, but quality moments with my sister in law are virtually nonexistent. So when we had a home school conference scheduled right around the corner from one of my favorite destinations, it quickly turned […]

Picking and Freezing Blueberries


Picking blueberries in July is one of our favorite family traditions, or  should I say “the girls and I love our favorite family tradition”. My big boys have grown out of their desire to sweat in the NC summer sun […]

Grilling in Bulk – C.O.S.T Cooking


Sizzle your way to fantastic summer meal plans by firing up the grill and letting it do the work for you. Typically, we all love summer grilling because it keeps the heat out of the kitchen and allows us to […]