December 19, 2014

Speed Clean the Bathroom in Minutes (Free Printable)

What a great printable! Speed Clean the Bathroom in Minutes

Who would think that focusing just 15 minutes a day to declutter new areas of the home would be so challenging? Well, slowly but surely, I am making my way through these daunting and neglected areas and it’s so worth […]

15 Minute Party Planning Ideas: Use What You Have

Delicious Iced Coffee and easy party bar

I’m in a season of choosing my “Yeses” wisely. In fact, the summer is nearly over, our son goes off to collage in just a few weeks and I’ve watched days turn to weeks, turn to months and those moments […]

Messy Mommy Moments

Mommy Messy Moments @beautyandbedlam

By the time our fourth child came along in just five and a half years, I was completely humbled at the critical importance of modeling behavior for our children that I wanted them to follow. If I wanted to speak […]

Simple Pleasures (Tasty Tuesday)

Simple Pleasures in Life

We cranked the kitchen music to The Sound of Music’s “Favorite Things.” We twirled and danced and sang at the top of our lungs. My girl and me. She loved it. I loved it. We giggled and were silly and […]

Inspiration from 1942: Modern Family Cooking

modern family cookbook

Last night, I snuggled in bed soaking up some good ‘ole fashioned wisdom from an era gone by. When I saw this gem hiding in an antique store, I snatched it up and hugged it close. Published in 1942, I […]

50 Fabulous Uses for Baking Soda

Baking Soda Uses

A few weeks ago I shared my post, “For the love of Baking Soda.” It was my salute to this all natural, penny pinching, miracle product that is one of the staples I use most often in my home, and […]

Printable Kids’ Bathroom Checklist – Hygiene Checklist for the Kids

Kids hygiene checklist

With our children ranging in age from 8 – 18, one would assume that the inquisitions such as, “Are you ready? Did you brush your teeth? Do you have clean socks on today?” would never pass the lips of my […]

We all Dream of a Backyard Oasis (+$25 Gift Card Giveaway)

sand volleyball court back yard

Our home is nestled amongst twelve acres of wooded beauty, complete with our neighbor’s horse that comes and visits us like clock work every single morning. So many days, I’ve sat on our back deck with my morning coffee and […]

Easy, Elegant Party Decor Ideas

tablescape for wedding shower

It’s wedding week in our family. My precious niece joins in matrimony with an amazing young man this Saturday, and it was my honor to host a bridal shower for her at our home. Approximately 40 -45 women were in […]

Ideas for Mason Jars: Creative Uses for Jars

Mason Jar collage

Any one who walks in our home will slowly learn my love of mason jars. They are so versatile, and my uses for Mason Jars range with everything from food, to decorating, to organizing and more.  I am sure that […]

Our Keeper’s Club & Free On-Line Sewing Classes


Sign up for Sewing Machine 911 for Free. Every Thursday afternoon, our daughter participates in a “Keeper’s Club where the girls are introduced to many “lost” arts. Personally, I was drawn to the first month’s topic because it’s something I […]

Fun and Festive Bunny Napkin Fold

Napkin Fold Bunny ears

When I entertain, I love to create and develop a simple, yet fun and elegant tablescapes on a budget. I always make sure that some unique napkin fold comes into play. Learning to fold napkins is such an easy way […]

Dress Up Your Table in Seconds: Easy Napkin Fold (w/Video)

easy napkin fold

As I work on creating a new tablescape for our Christmas Eve festivities, I realize that one of the easiest way to glam up a table is by accenting ones table setting with an easy napkin fold, and an entire […]

Cheap Fun for Kids: Hours of Fun & Entertainment

This will be your Best five dollars you will spend on your kids

As much as I love to share about the birthday celebrations and traditions we have implemented throughout the year, sometimes with three birthdays in 30 days, crazy life gets in the way. Although that may be a reality, that’s not […]

To Give or Not to Give – Frugal Tip

roses in milk glass

When my husband and I first started dating, I instructed him to never buy me flowers. Yes, my frugal bent was ingrained even back then. The thought of him spending so much money on something so expensive, and then having […]