April 4, 2014

The Tale of Three Cinnamon Rolls


 I woke to the phone ringing. A recorded message announced the first school delay. Snow flakes graced not only the grass, but the roads as well. In North Carolina, that reality rocks everyone’s equilibrium, and as a Wisconsin transplant, I […]

What Do I Give a Family with Eleven Kids?

Quirky Brand

In April, it will be seventeen years that we built our home, which also marks another year out on our Homestead. Those who know me understand that “Homestead” is simply a fancy term for the land my brothers and I, […]

Hallmark Card Rewards, Free Gifts & $500 Giveaway

Hallmark Card's Rewards Program

Opening up the mail box and seeing a hand written envelope gets my heart beating just a bit faster. Honestly, a hand written note just speaks volumes of love to me. In this quick pace society, when we rarely slow […]

Giving Tuesday: Just Give Us One Hour to Make a Difference (prizes too)

Give us One Hour this Tuesday to help end hunger in the US

I remember our children’s eyes as the jeep hobbled through the crowded village. It took us three hours to get up the side of the mountain to this more remote village in Guatemala and I knew they’d be forever changed. […]

Play Like a Girl

Play like a Girl

Coffee prepped, bags filled with magazines, snacks, water bottles, comfy clothes on and patience as long as the day – yep, I am definitely a sports mom. Over the last few months, I have spent untold hours at the football […]

Flash Sale Now!! Giving Thanks Glass Hurricane – $5 (Run to Snag This!)

Giving Thanks Set of two Hurricanes - only five dollars

Wow! You all are quick shoppers. I had no idea that hundreds of the hurricane sets would sell out in hours (and I didn’t even get a chance to put in my mom’s order. I am in trouble!) While not […]

Create Your Family’s Holiday Gazette: Fun, Family Activity in an Hour

Have Some Fun for the Holidays and Create Your Own Family Newspaper. It doesn't have to be fancy, but sure will be fun! Memories!

Did I hear that you got off the hook for hosting the big Thanksgiving event? You breathed a sigh of relief, but still desire to create something fun and special for the extended family during your gathering. Why don’t you […]

10 Free Thanksgiving Printables

thanksgiving printable

I am thankful for… Paper Chain from Silverbox Creative Where has the year gone? Can you even believe that it’s November already? Thanksgiving falls quite late this year, so I am gearing up for all our festivities, but I know […]

To Every Mom Who Makes a School Lunch

The Importance of Making School Lunches

Every morning, I drag myself down the stairs, grind the coffee beans and wait for that first drip to percolate. Early morning hours and I aren’t always on the best of terms,  so there’s something about making  that school lunch […]

Generational Mothering

family feet

Looking around the table, I study the three generations represented. Amidst the chuckles, private jokes and deeper conversations, the profound generational legacy permeates not just the shared memories, but life choices, marriages, and even character development. Mothering with a kingdom […]

It All Flew Out the Window

It All Flew Out the Window

It took me years, but I’m beginning to understand the phrase, “The older I get, the less I know.” Right out of college, I was hired as a high school youth director (pastor) and let me tell you, I was […]

I Just Want to Come Home, Mom!

From that Eldest Son of Mine

Barely keeping my eyes open, I’m juggling between the sofa and my laptop right now. I’m trying to stay awake long enough to be fully present when our eldest son bounds through the door. It’s 2:00 am and he’s road […]

Just One Minute, Honey

31 Days with a Mentor Mom @beautyandbedlam

“Just a minute, honey, I’m almost done.” “That’s what you said last time, mom.” “I know, but really, just give me one more minute. I’ll be right there. Five, ten, fifteen minutes passed as I worked on my latest project. […]

Shy, Tired or Rude?

Tips for the Shy Child

Grasping my skirt like a lifeline, our young daughter refused to let go. “Say ‘hi’ to Mr. Smith, honey. He’s been daddy’s friend since he was a little boy. Just give a quick hello.” I could feel her fingers clench […]

Terrible Teens…I Beg to Differ (For Those Days You Want to Stay in Bed)

31 Days with a Mentor Mom @beautyandbedlam

Follow along with my 31 Days of a Mentor Mom series After speaking at a conference recently, a young mom asked,  “How does it work when you nurse a baby, have a toddler running around and attempt to teach?” The […]