November 17, 2017

Dream Big Dreams (with your kids) + St. Patrick’s Day Traditions


With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, now is a great month to start a family tradition that makes you think about the importance of dreams all month long.  Share some of your dreams with your children (or maybe you are […]

St Patrick’s Day Recipe and Menu Ideas


St. Patrick’s Day Recipes and Menu Ideas I have to admit. I have never done a lot for St. Patrick’s Day recipe and menu ideas. Every once in awhile when the boys were young, I might start off the morning […]

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions


Last year on my St. Patrick’s Tradition post, my son shared his research on the history and true meaning behind St. Patrick, the man, and the use of the clover. It’s fascinating. I encourage you to share this with your […]

St. Patrick’s Day Tradition Ideas


Working diligently to share tradition ideas for every holiday and special celebration, we are now into March, and the 17 marks the history behind an incredible servant – St. Patrick. Even though I don’t really believe in “luck,” so to […]