chocolate chip cookies
Looking at this picture makes me realize just how sick I am with the flu. This is my favorite treat of all times, and right now, the thought of eating it does funny things to my stomach. I haven’t been able to eat anything in two days, but it’s true to say that Chicken Noodle Soup would sound really good right now.
I am just admitting that my children have had to eat frozen pizzas two days in a row. That means it’s time to get my freezer cooking game on as soon as my virus passes. This sickness snuck up on me during a week where I didn’t have any thing preplanned for the family, and now I truly regret procrastinating on that bulk cooking day.
Moms do not have time to get sick, especially when they are supposed to write up a fabulous Tasty Tuesday post. Oh well, I know you all understand. Tuesdays are all about you anyhow, and the inspiration you bring to the table.
Do you have a comfort food that you turn to when you get sick? I’m starting a list, and hopefully, I can try some of these tomorrow.
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