We’ve been on a cereal kick since I got a triple coupon score at only $0.25/box. So some mom (who will remain nameless) has been force feeding cereal on her children. 🙂

They aren’t complaining, since it’s a once in a life time thing, but  I thought I better depart from my hot breakfast hiatus and heat up the griddle again.

We love pancakes in our home.

I have tried tons of variations – thick, thin, puffed, baked, adding fruit, chocolate chips, various flavored extracts here and there, but when I want the “lick it off the plate, I don’t even need syrup” recipe, I turn to these easy Swedish pancakes.

They are incredibly thin, which is how we like them, but I have to make a TON to fill up the bellies of my children (which is the only downside). This recipe has the added benefit of being serious “eye candy” if you have company and want a delicious, yet beautiful presentation.
Swedish pancakes can be served with a gourmet presentation by just rolling them up with fruit sauce and whipped cream.

If I was a better Tasty Tuesday hostess, you would now be seeing that gorgeous presentation, but since this is Balancing Beauty and BEDLAM, on this morning I was just going for the “make as many as I can in as little time as possible” presentation.
Therefore circle, triangle, and rectangle pancakes are all acceptable to me. They all go down the same pipe. My kids would have grabbed the camera and flushed it if I had stopped to take any more pictures before finally handing over the pancakes. They were waiting patiently around the table as I snapped away with the camera. 🙂
But they agreed, they were worth the wait.

I literally quadrupled this recipe. It’s very rich, so you may choose to use less butter and more milk after you have made it once. I have also added a dash of almond extract. It gives it a special little twist.
Did any of you take my “lights out” challenge and eat by candlelight this week? How did it go?