Easy Pumpkin Bar Recipe

Entering my mother in law’s kitchen and viewing a huge jelly roll pan of pumpkin bars gracing her counter top is the first memory I have of holidays in her home. Isn’t it amazing how smells, sights, and a great recipe can bring back a flood of memories to the forefront?

This easy pumpkin bar recipe has been in the family for a long time. In fact, the only recipe I have of it is just the ingredients scribbled on a piece of scratch paper  – no directions.

Since I wanted to also provide some Healthy Holiday Recipes for you all, I had fun experimenting with this tried and true pumpkin bar recipe, so I’m giving you my original and the healthier version.

The results? A delightful product with less fat, lower sugar content, but still an amazingly moist and irresistible pumpkin bar. I still make the original for my family, but when I am in the mood for a quick treat. I’ll cut the oil.

If you want to dress your Pumpkin Bars up a bit, consider my easy Pumpkin Roll Recipe. Honestly, I always thought it would be so tedious, but it’s basically taking an extra minute and voila, you have a beautiful Pumpkin roll recipe that you can find here.

Healthy Pumpkin Bar Recipes

Easy Pumpkin Bar

Words of caution as you make this recipe.

Your children will be SO excited to devour them that they will NOT wait until the bars have cooled before they apply the frosting. This results in delicious tasting bars, but not award winning, photo worthy bars. 🙂

I originally posted this recipe five years ago and it’s been a blog favorite for many.

I’ve made it so many times and I can not believe I haven’t updated the pictures.