It’s only been a few months since I upgraded from my prepaid cell phone to the amazing invention called the Iphone.  Technology with the bells and whistles has never been something I really felt I needed or even wanted (thus, I only got my first cell phone, of any kind, a few years ago), so going from a pre-paid to an iphone was quite the jump.

Since my business takes place through social media and technology, there were many times that I would get behind when I was on the road because I wasn’t able to keep up with daily requests and emails. So, while I don’t “need” an iphone, it’s a wonderful thing. and a thankful investment.

One of my favorite apps is Instagram. It’s basically a photo sharing program that allows you to follow people, like facebook, but it’s all pictures. I don’t completely have the hang of it yet, but it sure is fun, so all of these are Iphone pics.  It allows me to capture a photographic diary of sorts. Personally, I’m also trying to use the pictures as a way to really appreciate beautiful, little things that I might not otherwise remember or take note of without a quick picture.

I thought I’d starting sharing a Sneak peek of my Instagram week here, with a few of these pictures having also been posted to my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook page.

If you have an iphone and follow instagram users, I am found @beautyandbedlam.

I’ve mentioned before that we live just a mile away from a beautiful lake. It’s hard to believe that stuck in between the country fields and woods that I live around, there is this hidden treasure tucked away. Unfortunately, we don’t have a boat to really enjoy the water sport activities, but we love to take a “Just Because” picnic or snacks and enjoy the beauty. The above Instagram photos show a change of my view in just a few hours.

Isn’t it glorious?

I mentioned last week in my “Marriage is Hard Work” post that I was going to prioritize date nights. Well, My husband and I got away for the night – the first time in TOO many years. I mentioned that we really need to fight for those dates, and while we typically don’t get away, it was such a great time of refreshment.

Last week’s Instagram peek also showed  some Goodwill shopping with a adorable dress that I didn’t buy because it was too low in front (note strategic iphone placement), great food, my cold hard laundry reality and my gardening friend.

Blackberries straight from my garden, the view from my front window (Goodnight Mr. Sun), my first of three pedicures in my entire life, our big boy turned 17 and another little jump in the lake.

So, this isn’t my typical kind of post, but I thought it would be fun to let you see a glimpse into my new photo taking world, and let you know I finally “get” instagram, and just love seeing what my friends are up to throughout the day.

Is anyone else here an Intagram Users? Any wonderful tips I should know?