Our Family Flag
As a home school mom, who rarely shares about her homeschooling on this blog, I wanted to incorporate a very tiny educational tradition for this wonderful holiday.

Point out the American Flag every time you see one with your children. Explain that the flag stands for our country and that it’s one way to tell the whole world who we are as a people.
It also shows we’re connected to each other as Americans. Discuss the sacrifice that our Old Glory represents – the generations of people that have given their lives for our freedom. Regardless of the political climate, or how you feel about our nation’s state of affairs, this is one of the greatest countries in the world; a country that stands for freedom, and one which helps other lands gain their personal freedom.
Because our flag is symbolic of all these things, we treat it with respect. At home, study a flag more closely and explain to your children that each part of the flag has a meaning.

The 50 stars stand for the 50 states. The 13 stripes stand for the 13 British Colonies, whose citizens decided in 1776 that they wanted to govern themselves rather than be ruled by a king.

Just like my family has created our own “family logo and phrase,” what better way than the 4th of July to create your own Family Flag? (We haven’t done this yet, but isn’t this a fun idea?)
Use construction paper, felt,or fabric. Select the colors together. Instead of stars, cut or embroider symbols that represent each member of your
family; a favorite hobby (ballet, baseball, golf, gardening), or a characteristic (sweet, determined, hard-working, fun). Make sure every family member participates in the creation of your “Family Flag” since it’s symbolic of the most important group in your life – your family.
What an amazing legacy piece this will be for generations to come.