Create pure magic and enjoy the wonder of your child’s imagination as they watch these Magic Jelly Beans grow into their own special Lollipop Garden.

(Read here how to use this as a character building activity with “Joy Filled Jelly Beans.)

These colorful jelly beans are meant to be planted by children who love surprises. The beauty of this tradition is that any space will do, whether it’s a corner in the garden, a small flower pot or even your grass.

Have fun as you carefully dig little holes and “plant” a jelly bean in each hole. Let them rest overnight (i.e. once they are asleep, carefully place a lollipop where each bean had been planted) and in the morning, your children will have an amazing surprise.

Yes, your children will delight when they see what grew overnight – a Lollipop Garden. This makes a fun twist on the traditional Egg Hunt as well.

(If you have an incredibly perceptive child, make sure you replace the same color sucker with the same color jelly bean that your child planted. Ask me how I know. Yes, a decade has gone by and it still haunts me – That smart little guy.  ;))

 Children’ Party Photo

Use this same tradition idea for an extra special twist to any children’s party. Swap out the magic jelly beans for magic “seeds” and let the kids sprinkle away at the beginning of the party. Watch what grows by the end of their celebration – their very own Lollipop Garden.

Have your children plant the Magic Jelly Beans throughout the yard for a truly magnificent effect on Easter.

If you plan on hosting an Easter Egg-stravaganza, this makes a delightful party favor gift. For years, I shared this idea with others. I made two small gift bags. One bag held the Magic Jelly Bean tradition idea (with jelly beans) and the second bag held the The Lollipop Garden card with Lollipops. I think tied them into one cellophane bag to give the parents as they left.

I just loved that I could assist in helping other families begin a new tradition idea that would last for years to come.

Feel free to try my twist to this fun tradition idea and use your Magic Jelly Beans to create your own Lollipop Garden Cake. It’s a perfect way to encourage your children in acts of service, generosity and all those wonderful character qualities we hope to instill.

For this tradition, we plant “Joy Filled” jelly beans and watch what planting “seeds” of joy and kindness everywhere can do for our “Garden.”

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Plant Magic Jelly Beans the night before. Watch the kids amazement as they see what grew over night. Neat tradition can be tied in..

Plant Magic Jelly Beans the night before. Watch the kids amazement as they see what grew over night. Neat tradition can be tied in..