Best EVER FREE Magic Carpet Cleaning Tip

If there is any one who knows something about cleaning carpets, it is moi!

With four dogs, five children, and more guests who track dirt from our gravel driveway onto our carpet than I care to think about, people think I have lost it when I talk about getting light carpet again.

For many years, we stuck to a strictly “no shoes” in the house policy. I was just crazy enough as a young mother to choose nearly white carpet for our great room, and for many years, it stayed very clean.

How you may ask? Not by googling “How to clean spots on carpets.”

You will get your carpet stain out with my best ever magic carpet cleaning trick that was passed down to me from my mother and her mother before that, and well, you get the idea. (Actually, if truth be told, it was from a cleaning lady, but the heritage sounding tip sounded better.) πŸ˜‰

Thirty years ago, a wise woman told my mom something that sounded too good to be true.Β 

For ANY kind of stain, DO not run for some expensive cleaner, but head straight to your water faucet.

All you need to get nearly any small stain out is water and a towel. I never thought to share this on my blog until an acquaintance of mine came up last week and thanked me profusely. (Clearly I share random tips with practical strangers in other places besides the grocery store.) She had tried three kinds of cleaners to get a nasty spot on her carpet out but none of those had worked. She mentioned her next option was to hire a professional cleaner. I told her that before she did, she needed to try the “magic water” trick.

It’s so easy, I know you won’t believe me. Most people don’t until they try it.

Head to your stain. Remove any extra particles, yes, I don’t mean to be gross, but we’ve used it on throw up, dog stuff and all the “eww” circumstances. Once you’ve removed the particles, pour a cup of water on the spot. Yes, soak it. Then take your fingers and scrub the water into the carpet, like shown in the picture above. (Be tough, people, you can do it.)

Then once you have done that, use your towel to absorb the water.Β  Press and press until the water is soaked up. If it’s a larger stain, you will need to repeat this process and then use hot water, but if it’s small, like the above picture, that stain will come up immediately, (and it was a fairly pronounced stain that had set).

I know, SO EASY, right? It works, on nearly everything.

I’ve been using that tip since I was a child, and it’s almost never failed me, but you have to try that first. If you’ve tried other options first, this may not work.

Now, this magic carpet cleaning tip only works for spot cleaning. No one has time to spend all day pouring cups of water on our entire carpet. Plus, after having the same carpet for 15 years, I can guarantee I need to turn to more advanced techniques to keep it fresh and sanitary.


(I am updating this post because THIS JUST HAPPENED on 2/10/15!!)

I will not include the texts that transpired between my teen son and me, but needless to say, his friend spilled this red soda during their movie night and they LEFT ITΒ and didn’t tell me. (They “tried” to clean it. Don’t get me started.) This sat for days because it was hidden under the sofa corner and I doubted my magic trick could work its wonders. (Say it isn’t so.)

IT WORKED PEOPLE!! The key is too use enough water, but don’t skimp on the towels. Get that excess water up.

I will never doubt again. Please pin this, share this on FB and tell your friends. It’s magic I tell you. πŸ˜‰

The BEST TIP ever for getting a spot out of a carpet!!  How can this really work