I sincerely believe in the spirit of a “Welcome Home” mentality.
I want every single one of you to feel as if you could “make yourself at home” on our home stead, and come away refreshed and renewed from your stay.
I desire our home to be a hiatus…a place where real life happens. Yet in the midst of that real life, an oasis of safety and security dwells.

With that being proclaimed from every ounce of my sincere soul, I want you to take notice of my side bar. A haven of hospitality is one of the things I passionately pursuit.
But come on….this is ridiculous…even I have some boundaries!

No lie…no photoshop…no exaggeration…
just MY LIFE of balancing beauty and bedlam.
This is what I woke up to this morning.

Mocha, the Menace, taking advantage of my homestead hospitality…
much to my chagrin.
“Boys, Mocha got loose again, go take care of her this instant.”

“Awww, but mom…..look how cute Mocha looks all cuddled up on our coach swing.”


What in the world ever happened to first time obedience by my excellent listeners?

Make yourself at home for the night, Mocha, and enjoy this peaceful place of refuge, because once ‘Morning has broken,’ you are so back in the woods…eating our weeds like a good goat ought to be doing.

(All I can say is that she is so lucky that I just took off the slip cover I “made” – ok, so maybe it was fabric that I just draped across to look cute, but still…..)

Yes, just another day of balancing beauty and bedlam – don’t you want to join me? There’s room for one or two more on this swing.