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Last week, I enjoyed reading your comments about what you would feed a house full of middle schoolers.   If you follow my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook Page, you read my updates throughout the weekend as we hosted 7th grade boys Friday through Sunday.

In fact, not just a few boys, but FIFTEEN 7th grade boys spent the entire weekend, with upwards of 25 boys in our home Friday night. There were moments that evening that I just looked around, shook my head, chuckled and wondered how I could bottle up the bedlam into a post because it surely would go viral. Honestly, it was truly the epitome of why I titled my blog as I did. It was such a wonderful mixture of beauty and bedlam, and it was a joy to open our home to these young men.

My priority was keeping these guys fed and I was up for the challenge. Fortunately, I have just a bit of experience in that department with my own high school guys, and they didn’t miss a beat by enjoying the food especially prepared for our guests. 🙂

It cracked me up because many of 7th graders were in awe of the food. I even got a round of applause. Do you know how long it’s been since my food has gotten that? They kept pestering me, “Do you always cook like this? Do you always make homemade treats? Can you give my mom your recipes?” I tried to have them repeat it when my own children were within earshot. 😉

How can you not want to keep cooking when you get feedback like that, and yet it goes back to what I mentioned last week, “feeding their tummies opened their hearts to some good ‘ole soul fillin’, and this discipleship weekend was about so much more than just food.

So this post is in honor of all my 7th grade guys.

For all the goofiness, wildness, and testosterone that reigned supreme,  yet the soft heartedness that emerged as well, this group gave me just a glimpse of these young man/boys and their struggle to do what’s right as they navigate the peer pressure that middle school throws at you.

(All pictures of jumping on furniture, wrestling or breaking of incidentals have been removed to protect the innocent.)

And here’s to our 8 year old daughter, the true thing of beauty that made it through an evening of all that bedlam.

When I received the list that we were to host all middle school boys, she instantly declared that this was going to be the worst two nights of her life. After the first hour, she changed her mind and decided if she couldn’t beat them, she’d join them.

By midnight, I found her on the floor of our bedroom with this eye covering on. I didn’t even know we owned something like that.

This weekend is the perfect close to the campaign I have worked on entitled, “Men: Easier Fed than Understood,” a true theme that resonates in our home. Understanding the guys in our life may be hard, but feeding them doesn’t have to be. Ball Park wants to help and they are dedicated to making food that is juicy, handheld and easy to make for any guy time occasion.

So this week, one of you is going to win some Ball Park Franks.

This picture (taken last year) shows you that they are indeed a staple in our home.

One fortunate winner will receive three product coupons for your choice of any Ball Park product (and I highly suggest the all Angus beef because they are my favorite.) Thank you to Ball Park for sponsoring this giveaway.

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Ball park franks logo What Am I Going to Do With My Guys?

Now I look forward to be inspired by all of your delicious Tasty Tuesday recipes.

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