Glazed Apple Bread - the perfect comfort food

There are certain foods in which you can’t just stop at one piece. You try. You really do, but they are just that good!

You tell yourself that you will cut one small serving size and then walk away. You might even have intentions of cutting a tiny piece, but then you come back and cut another tiny piece and another, so trust me, just start with a big piece and double the recipe. (Please tell me I am not the only one who does this. :))

This is one of those “Best intentions” kind of quick bread recipes.

As you finely chop the apples, assure yourself that quadrupling the recipe will not lead to your downfall.

Keep diced apples on hand for any number of recipes

As you peel and chop, tell yourself that leaving a little of the peel on the apples is much healthier for everyone. 

Delicious healthy apple bread packed with goodness

It’s quite true and they never know anyhow, so don’t confess your lazy chopping tendencies.

Amazing apple bread with optional glaze

And since you love it chock full of apples, mix in a few more than the recipe calls for since the “applier, the better.” (If that’s even a word.)

Adorable Thankfulness platter

Pour the glaze on while the bread is still piping hot because, while any good cook should first let it cool, there’s isn’t a chance that it’s making it that long with your family around. It may fall apart if you don’t wait for it to cool, but it’s worth it.

Pause and give thanks (and maybe take a picture) because shouldn’t everyone give thanks when they have delicious Apple Bread with hot glaze dripping down the sides?

This is one of our favorite quick breads - Glazed Apple Bread. Unbelievably delicious!

Yep, that’s what everyone should do.

*** FYI: The dough does not come together like a moist batter.

I’ve done some variations with this recipe. I’ve used less sugar when adding additional fruit. I’ve also used whole wheat flour instead of white. The nuts and raisins are both optional, but they are delicious additions. This freezes well, so double the recipe and save one for later. As is, the bread is not overly sweet, but the glaze gives it the dessert touch.

If you are looking for a very rich and amazing apple recipe, give my Dutch Apple Cake a try. With seven apples, it’s simply the best apple cake you will make.