In our family, it’s a pretty known fact that I am a “low maintenance” kind of getting ready girl. Yesterday, my teenage nephew  and son were weeding in the garden. As I was getting in the van, they yelled, “Wow, you got ready so quickly. That’s impressive.”

It never occurred to me that they would notice, but considering I had been in a t-shirt and shorts, and minutes later I was dressed for a night out on the town, they noticed.

One of the biggest fashion trends this summer is the use of  bright colors in our shorts, pants or skirts. I shied away from them at first, but am so glad I jumped on the band wagon. By pairing these purple Tanger outlet clearance pants with my $1 white tank and yard sale top, I easily created a dressed up look in minutes. By sticking with solids, the decision making process was simple.

I can’t emphasize enough how accessories always dress up any kind of shirt. Even by taking the simplest of T-shirts, and then adding a great statement necklace, you have a polished look. My recommendation is to only pick one statement piece on top, so if you want large earrings, go simple with the necklace or vice versa. I had a beautiful necklace to match the purple earrings, but it was large. Two large pieces in close proximity would over power, so I went leaned towards simple and omitted any necklace and then layered some bracelets.

I think for most of us, our hair takes the most time. It’s rare that I keep my hair down. I tend to lean toward some of my favorite Get out of the Pony Tail” rut looks.

One of my Five “Must Dos” for dressing thrift states : Look for creative details on the sleeves or hems.

That’s definitely what caught my eye with this shirt and now it’s one of my favorite summer finds.

Yes, all the girls in my family are enjoying this colorful fashion trend.

Bright bottoms + light top + Great Accessories  =

Dress and Go in Minutes

What are some of your favorite ways to get ready fast in the morning?