I initially titled this post Need vs. Want, but quickly realized I just didn’t have the gumption to tackle that tempting topic this evening. It’s been an exhausting weekend, but I will be diving into that debate soon.
Here’s a little food for thought to get us started…

For two years, many people have felt that I “needed” a new chair.
It has been slowly ripping, seam by seam, and the back is just as bad. Over and over again, I have been encouraged to replace it.
“Really Jen, it’s about time you invested in a new chair.”

But guess what? For years, it has been serving it’s purpose as my cozy reading chair.
I have devoured many books in this chair, savored endless cups of coffee in this chair, shared life with friends in this chair…and it has held up my bootie quite well – regardless of the varying pounds. 😉
I draped a handmade quilt from my sister in love over the offending area, and it has served it’s necessary purpose.
You see the desire to replace it comes from a “felt need,” not a true need.
I don’t need a new chair. This one is just fine, even if I have owned it for decades (which I have). I have looked at new chairs for the last few years, but I just haven’t been able to justify the retail cost of replacing it. It’s so easy to talk ourselves into thinking something is a “need,” isn’t it?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am no martyr.
Does that mean that I walk away from a fun frugal find when the Lord showers blessings on me with a “want?”
Absolutely not!! I squeal with delight, and can’t believe that I could hit the jackpot with this unbelievable treasure. I used up my yard sale budget with one purchase, but it was SO worth it. It made for a short Saturday of sales.

A company had donated their left over goods from the international furniture market to Foster Families of NC.
They were taking the highest bid, and I happened upon them right as they were closing up.

I got this brand spanking new captains chair in a color that I LOVE for only $40.
They didn’t know the exact price of it retail but they knew it was well over $500.

I just love that sometimes patience in the little things equals blessings in the unexpected.
This new chair was still a want…I didn’t need it, but I sure am thrilled that I had the opportunity to receive it. 🙂

(And as my sweet friend IRL just said in the comments….”what a great little God Wink” during my God Watch time. We are still waiting, and watching with expectation. 🙂

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