Welcome to the 3rd installment of Frugal Fashionista, where my designer outfits are revealed for under $15…that includes the shoes and jewelry.
If you have missed the first two posts in the series, you can find them here.

1. Designer Wardrobe on a frugal budget
2. Building a Core Wardrobe – frugally

As we dissect the ins and outs of finding core wardrobe pieces at yard sales and thrift stores, many of you have emailed me that you just can’t find anything. While I know for some of you, location or size is truly an issue in finding these hidden treasures, but I think for many of you, where to look or how to start is the problem. I guarantee, they’re out there, and when you find them…you will be sold.
How do I know this? Because every Sunday at church, I have multiple people ask me what I found yard saling the day before, and then they want to know how much I paid for my outfit. It never fails that I always hear, “I can never find anything good…it’s always junk.”

Considering that I live in the same town as these friends, and I find great treasures weekly, I know that I need to get working on my post about “how and where to look.”
So for those of you who have been asking…it’s coming….sometime. 🙂

One of the ten essential items that I mentioned looking for in our core wardrobe was a blazer or suit. I find it quite ironic that I am beginning with this “essential” since I am a work/stay at home mom, who would much rather live in sweats all day…but I don’t…for the most part.

I am actually beside myself at the three finds I have come across in the last 2 weeks, and therefore, the suit must come first. I have left the house feeling like a million bucks, when in reality I paid $10. Total. FOR THE OUTFIT!


BRAND NEW ANNE KLEIN SUIT with the price tag still attached.
Originally, $360.00, marked down at Anne Kleins…do you know why?

I found out in the dressing room of Good Will. Someone in the Anne Klein store probably wanted their $360 suit to fit better, and swapped a different pants and top size.
Well, whoever bought it for this amazing deal of $100+, never wore it.

And so I stole it (or feel like I did) for $7!!!!
SEVEN DOLLARS for a fully layered two piece suit that fits like a glove.
Do you like the price tag still hanging down? Sorry, does it feel like I am rubbing it in?
I don’t mean too ($7…seven bucks) Oh, and don’t mind my bed pillows that are still on the sofa. 🙂
Good grief, nice touch, Jen.

This is perfect for those of you who need office attire. I can wear this on Sundays and occasionally when I speak, but for the most part, I will need to mix and match these pieces for versatility.
( just ignore that silly smile…that is embarrassing, my daughter took all the pics. 🙂

A classic white shirt looks great underneath, but I wanted to show you what a blast of color can do. I can find classic white or colored shirts all the time at yard sales for $1, and the sky high price of $3.75 at Good Will or thrift stores.

Someone asked what they should do if they don’t look good in black.
90% of people look great in black, but for those of you that feel it makes you look washed out, concentrate on putting accent colors up against your face. Make sure that you wear a color that compliments your skin tone around your face. An important part of picking a wardrobe is knowing the right colors, and to do this, you need to know what “season” you are or if you fall into the “cool or warm” color spectrum. The blue shirt is a great example of how I can wear any color blazer as long as the accent color near my face falls into the “cool” spectrum, since that is what I am. Scarves are another wonderful alternative for incorporating color by the face.

Here is a great “Eddie Bauer” type look, which it should be since it’s an Eddie Bauer sweater.
Quality turtlenecks will last forever and they look good with everything. I picked up a Black Banana Republic one last week for $1, and this necklace for the same…$1.
Do you know how many amazing things I find for $1. Only in America! 🙂

Every single picture in this “photo shot” was taken by my 5 yo daughter – no one else was home. You can imagine the giggles we had, and the whole time I kept telling her, “Now, you know it’s what’s on the inside that matters, right? Even though we are having fun dressing up, God looks at the heart.”
It was pretty funny because she would “model” all day long if I let her.

I was going to show you that the suit pants look fabulous with the turtleneck all by itself. I had it laying on the floor and she wiggled her body underneath and was hiding when I came back in.

I let her model it for you. She got to pick which picture she wanted posted. 🙂
Please note that I don’t endorse the spring hat with the winter sweater, but she just couldn’t understand why the hat needed to go with a sun dress. lol

Shhh…don’t tell my secret, but I love to wear sport tank tops/bras as my “camisoles.”
Go look back at the first picture. Would you ever have known? Go with what you have. I have them in all different colors and they are great for layering, but don’t tell because a true fashionista would think that very tacky. 🙂
Awesome silver necklace…$2.

Here’s to show you how this stay at home mom would wear this suit out and about at Walmart.
Throw a fun shirt underneath. I paid $.50 for this at a yard sale and would probably never even considered it at a store because it’s a bit fun and funky. I LOVE IT and that’s what I love about thrifting. I can try different styles that I would never before have considered.

There are a lot of different styles of blazers. I love this one that I picked up last week for $2.
I snagged another $.50 white tank top from a yard sale, added a more dramatic necklace and earrings matching set ($4), and I feel like a hip momma.

The 3/4 length sleeves that jet out give it such a great, stylish touch.

Trying to let you see the arms. Pair this with some great jeans,

and some “make me taller than I already am” leather Bass shoes that I got at our Junior League Bargain Box thrift store for $2.50 (originally marked $5, but it was 50% off all shoes day)
and I am loving this outfit…which I put together and wore for the first time today…for you. 🙂

This is what actually inspired posting about suits/blazers today.
Two days before Easter I went into Good Will and saw this 3 piece light blue suit (matching skirt is hanging up in the closet). Since I sang on Easter morning, our “required dress attire” was a choice of purple, light blue or white top and black pants.
I was thrilled to find something “new” for Easter Sunday, and just loved that it was the necessary blue. Just what I needed to wear. I honestly felt the Lord had given me a little gift.

With the matching skirt, it would be more appropriate for a more formal work environment, wedding, or traditional church service. I would probably have worn it with white dress pants on Easter (although I don’t recommend white pants on all body types :).
I layered it with a white blouse, and that looked very classy, but I will enjoy going casual with a white T-shirt under it and jeans as well.

Matching necklace and earrings. $2 brand new from thrift store.

Sheesh, I have a ton more pictures of ways that I mixed and matched all these core pieces, but you all might need to go wash your hair and then shave if I take any longer, so I’ll end with this.
A classic suit or blazer will last you years, and never go out of style (except if you have those huge shoulder pads from the 80’s..cut those out.)
I have had this blazer for years, and it still looks great. I highly recommend a mid length blazer because it can cover a multitude of sins, including those panty lines.

I have worn this jacket through a swing of 30 pounds. Yes, I have. I have worn it in my thin days and chunky days, and it has looked great on both ends.

I can’t believe that I found those first three suits/jacket all within 2 1/2 weeks. It may take you a few months, but if you just keep your eyes open…they are there. I could kick myself now because whoever dropped off the blue suit, dropped off three others in my size. What was I thinking?
I should have snagged them all and shared with you. I found some brand new plus size shirts with the tags on, and they were adorable. Trust me, I was thinking of my blog friends for sure.

Well, once again, I am writing this past midnight, and this Cinderella’s glass slipper is waiting for me…at a yard sale.
I hope you had fun and I can’t wait to hear some of you share what great Frugal Fashionista outfits you are putting together. Remember, if you are starting off new….look for these essential wardrobe pieces, and then mix and match with fun things. And shop your closet. You may be surprised at what you do to liven it up with new accessories.
Once I have at least 5-10 of you on the band wagon, we’ll do a Mr. Linky (since I know how now…yipee) and we’ll have a Frugal Fashionista fashion show. Wouldn’t that be fun?
Have a blessed weekend. I can hardly wait til Saturday.
Trash to Treasure.
What will you find?

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