Since traditions are near and dear to my heart, I have a plethora of ideas for any holiday or celebration. Still in the blogging learning curve, I have realized that I need to post them in advance so you can implement them effectively. I apologize for not doing so.
I will be saving my favorite Easter tradition for next are some easy and fun ones that you can still whip together.

Follow the Ribbon
This is a simple tradition that doesn’t take much preparation. All you need to do is buy some narrow inexpensive ribbon from a local craft store. Choose a different color for each member of the family 15 to 25 yards per person, depending on how crazy you want this to be.) You can personalize this tradition by attaching a charm to the end of each ribbon; a soccer ball for Kevin, ballet slippers for Suzie and a sewing thimble for Grandma. Once the kids are in bed, tie a ribbon to each of their hidden baskets and wind them in and out of the furniture and the other ribbons until you can’t see where they began. Bring the ends with the charms to one central location (perhaps the kitchen table) as a place where your family can begin the entangled maze to find their baskets. Before you know it, everyone will be entangled in ribbons and laughter.

A Sweet Trail
Another option for finding their baskets is this Sweet Trail tradition.
A delightful way to bring little ones into the Easter festivities if they are too young to hunt for a hidden basket, is to make bunny feet out of pastel construction paper and use them to create a simple path to the goodies. You can also make soft little bunny prints out of baby powder or flour sprinkled over a bunny foot stencil. It can be as long a trail as fits your child’s age, and can wind inside and out of your home. They will squeal with delight as they follow along the Easter Bunny’s path. Black jellybeans, used as ‘bunny droppings’ will add an element of humor the older kids will enjoy.

Cut out of Bunny Feet – print here

BASKET Flowered Easter Baskets
Tools and Materials: 5- or 6-inch diameter woven basket
*1/2 yard silk or satin fabric * Hot glue gun
* Seam binding or ribbon * Artificial flowers or leaves (about 60)
DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut satin or silk fabric into a circle with a diameter 3x that of the basket;
line the inside of the basket with the fabric, tucking and gluing into place.
2. Hot glue a length of seam binding or ribbon at one handle end;
wrap the handle with the seam binding, and affix with hot glue at the other end.
3. Remove stems from the flowers.
4. Hot glue the buds or leaves onto the basket, covering the entire surface.
(When gluing leaves, work from the top of the basket downwards.).

The Big People Egg Hunt
On Easter Sunday, gather the adults together and have them each hide one or more eggs somewhere on themselves. It might be in Grandma’s apron pocket, Uncle Bob’s boots, behind Dad’s glasses or under Grandpa’s hat. This hunt isn’t just for the little ones; it involves everyone and is a wonderful way to connect the generations. There might even be a specific age when the ‘little people’ graduate into ‘big people.’ Your family will be sure to get a laugh as the kids poke around looking for hidden eggs. No one and no place is considered out of bounds. You’ll definitely want your video camera ready for this Easter Egg Hunt.

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