There is nothing I love more than celebrating with my Frugal Fashionista friends. Embracing the beauty and style that can come for pennies on the dollar is what my Frugal Fashionista series is all about, and this sweet reader exhibits it all.
When Natalie linked up her Flicker Account to my recent Fashion Show, I was completely blown away. I emailed her RIGHT away asking if I could share some of her finds. Not having a blog, I was more than happy to give her a full post (or two) just so we could do the happy thrifting dance with her. ๐Ÿ™‚
Her style is very similar to my own, and so it was really fun to live vicariously through her since I would wear every single one of these outfits.

artiste by dancecraze2354.cozy by dancecraze2354.

You all know how I love black…yes, for some of you boring, but it always look classy especially paired well with great accent pieces. Natalie does this wonderfully. I love the layered hint of hot pink peaking out of her shirt.
1st Picture: Top: $6, Juicy Couture, thrift store
Jeans: $6, Old Navy, thrift store

I love the unusual details in the sleeves. This top can be paired with lots of different colors under it.

2nd pic: Sweater: $2, Sag Harbor, thrift store
Jeans: $6, Express, thrift store
Necklace: $1, thrift store

Everyone needs a soft, cozy sweater! The dark color is a perfect canvas for fun jewelry like this aqua necklace.

leather by dancecraze2354.
These are perfect examples of how you can mix and match core wardrobe pieces.

Sweater: $3, Ann Taylor Loft, thrift store
Leather skirt: $8, Evan Davies, thrift store
boots: not thrifted
Natalie rocks this $5 Old Navy thrifted black skirt by thinking outside of the box.
Here she showcases it with a simple white T-shirt and $1 thrift store necklace, but just wait…
convertible by dancecraze2354.
She completely changes the look by just pulling the skirt up. How fun and sassy is that?
convertible by dancecraze2354.
She changed it up even more by adding a Red Croc belt – $0.50 from a yard sale. I could never in a million years pull that off after my five babies, but I sure am glad she can because that ROCKS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
belt by dancecraze2354.
If you’ve followed my Frugal Fashionista series for any amount of time, you know I have a fetish for the little black dress. Yes, it’s a sickness, but one I can afford as long as I get rid of some as I buy new ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do believe that I let out an audible gasp when I saw her in this. FOR $3.50 she could be walking the red carpet with the best of those $10,000 dressed ladies and I mean that. Don’t you agree? by dancecraze2354.

Dress: $3.50, Unite Laredoute, thrift store – Showing the sleeves open. The tag is in French.
leather Croc belt: 50 cents, Banana Republic thrift store

The power of accessorizing is key. I will spend more time in the future posts brainstorming frugal options, but investing in a few great accessories can make or break an outfit. I’ve talked about scarves, but great jewelry is my favorite. This is a perfect example of how you can take a simple outfit and make it sensational with an awesome necklace.

red+pearls by dancecraze2354.
Solid colored shirts and skirts are everywhere at thrift stores. If you want to spice up an outfit, invest in a great necklace.
Sweater: $2, Talbots, thrift store
Skirt: $2, Banana Republic, thrift store

red+stones by dancecraze2354.

What a find for this vintage style necklace: $0.50 yard sale.

red+pearls by dancecraze2354.

Handbags were never a big draw for me until the last few years when I have found amazing purses at yard sales. Now I love to pack a punch with a great purse. It’s definitely another wonderful accessory item.

beachy+bag by dancecraze2354.
Shirt: $1.91, no tag, thrift store
Jeans: $6, Old Navy, thrift store
Bag: $5, no tag, thrift store.

This bag is made of metal links. She cut off the long braided leather handles that it had and attached these wooden ones instead.

jeans+tee+giraffe by dancecraze2354.
$2, Austin Clothing Co., thrift store. Instant outfitย  – the $2 bag pops up again.
I hope you all had as much fun as I did with Natalie’s Frugalย  Fashionista finds. She definitely ROCKS this title, and has inspired me to take a little extra time with my photos. I just love how she took the time to actually make a photo shoot out of it.
Remember my blogging goals and photography was one of them? Before I even saw her pictures, I mentioned to my husband that I needed to stop taking my pictures at 11:00 at night. ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for supporting our Frugal Fashionistas.