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There are many things I am, but one thing I am not is an impulse buyer, especially when it means making decisions about things I deem “investment” type purchases.
For two months now, I have been researching cookware. I know, I know, that’s too long of a time to research, but other life stuff has gotten in the way of making my decision, and there is a lot of varying information to sort though.
There are many factors I am looking at besides just cost, namely health factors, ease of use, clean-up and reputation. I consider this an investment, and it’s an area that I do not want to cut corners just to save a buck. I plan on using this set for a long time, and it’s worth it to me to pay a bit more for quality that will last.
For years now, I’ve head the rumors about the potential risks of using aluminum pans. I have slowly started getting rid of my cheaper non-stick aluminum cookware and switching to stainless steel. I won’t begin to share how I am mourning this decision because there is nothing I love more than flipping my food with out any sticking, but too many studies show cheaper aluminum pans can leach chemicals through cookware into our bodies. Depending on where you research this topic, and what their agenda is, you will get contradicting opinions on this. For me, it’s an easy solution to make sure that aluminum is not coming into contact with my food just to be sure.  My cookware gets a lot of wear and tear, and we do have cuts and scrapes on our non stick surfaces, so that is really something I want my family to avoid. (There have been a lot of improvement in this field, so I am not telling you to never buy aluminum. Some of the newer sets make sure that the aluminum will never come in contact with your food. I am talking about the cheap non-stick pans that we all know and love…myself included, they are now in the garbage.)
The cookware sets I am leaning towards are the water-less stainless steal sets which puts a high emphasis on retaining as many nutrients and vitamins in your foods as possible. This is done by cooking at low temps with virtually no water, thereby sealing in the vitamins that are typically lost through the steam and water that we pour out at the end of the cooking cycle. I am also a huge lover of stoneware, enameled and cast iron cookware, but I typically use those for the oven, not the stove top.
Honestly, in regards to price, if I thought a $1,000 kitchen set would dramatically change the quality of my cooking, decrease hours in the kitchen and revolutionize the way I do things, I would invest in that, BUT…I don’t think it’s necessary. After comparing a lot of different sets, the one I am leaning towards is around $300, but my opinion may vary after reading your comments.
So, please let’s learn from each other. The best purchasing decisions I make are based on referrals from those I trust.
Do have a cookware set that you just LOVE, and would highly recommend?
I can’t wait to read what you are going to share, both in regards to cooking inspiration and your comments about cookware.

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