Every time my extended family gets together, you can bet this delicious Butterhorn roll recipe will be shared.  Butterhorns are a fairly simple yeast bread recipe with the added benefit that they have a beautiful presentation, so they make a perfect addition to everything from a casual brunch to a fancy five course dinner.
Trust me. One try of these Butterhorns, and you will see why it’s a family tradition in our home.

crescent rolls

butterhorn rolls

Some of our other favorites are the Easiest Ever Apple Pecan Coffee Cake (made with biscuits). This tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen, when in reality, it took minutes.


My most requested recipe – my Copy Cat Cinnabon Rolls. These just aren’t for Christmas morning any more. 🙂

cinnabon rolls

Enjoy your carb loading…these are all so worth it.

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