I am beginning a regular Frugal Fashionista post about dressing in designer outfits for under $15. I began receiving many requests for tips on shopping the 2nd hand stores without looking like you did. 🙂

For those of you that just read my blog for fun, and info, and have no interest in blogging – my sincerest apologies. 🙂

I spent the last three day meeting many of the friends who live in my computer….and I can’t even begin to touch on them all. Nor do I have the time to explain the processing that goes on with an event like this since I should be schooling my children.

Seeing as it was in Nashville, I did most of my processing with Emily and The Nester on our eight hour ride home. I have known them for years, but the opportunity to share, and pick each others brains about everything having to do with life, may have been worth the whole trip.
Heathalee (who didn’t come to the conference but came to meet all of us… she’s a doll), Me (with my $1 comfiest ever pink shirt and $5 jacket), Emily, the Nester

I am someone who loves to cherish friendships in real life. I never thought I could actually make friends on line (that might not be potential balded headed stalkers posing as a mommy blogger), nor that I would appreciate the depth of closeness one could feel when you “meet” for the first time, and it feels like you’ve known them forever.
It’s possible, probable, and perfectly wonderful.

I roomed with Kimba and Rhoda (we missed you, Kristy), who I have already gone on about in past posts…both are just like you would think they are.
Talented, inspiring, and a blast to be around.
I think Rhoda and Kimba still love me even though I kept waking them Saturday night when they were trying to sleep – so sorry.

Some of favorites friends in the hall. Susie Harris commented on my first ever blog post…will love her forever because of it.
She and her sister, Missy, are another wonderful duo (like Emily and the Nester) to watch and wish you had a sister relationship like them.
Sandy (4 Reluctant Entertainers) and I both have a passion for hospitality with our families, and you will be blessed by her wisdom.
Dinner night out…Melissa from the Inspired Room….always a joy!

Meredith from Like Merchant Ships is a new found blogging friend. We share our love for frugal homemaking. She is wisdom personified, and such a sweet, gentle spirit. 🙂

So many others to mention, but I am sticking with only those I had a picture of….bummer.

Frugal Fashionista UPDATE:
I know I said I would do a whole fashion show of all my designer clothing outfits for under $10, but I forgot to take pictures…ugh. I will have to re-dress and do this for real. Not the re-dressing part….just the fashion show. I think we’ll have to do a frugal fashion week. 🙂

Dressy tank top – $1 – yard sale
Earrings – $1 – yard sale
Shawl/wrap – $2.50 (with the brand new price tags on) thrift store

Pants – $1 – yard sale
Nine West leather boots – $2 thrift store

This is the epitome of casual dress, and I hate this is the only other picture I have, but the whole outfit with the leather BASS shoes,
Anne Klein Jeans, and fun shirt that looks way better in real life…..

Sheesh…I don’t even have the buttons done. 🙂
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