Ideas for adding more storage to a room

It’s half way through the month and our Clutter Countdown Challenge is well underway. While I haven’t hit 15 minutes of decluttering every day because of travel and weekend obligations, I’ve made such amazing headways and it feels wonderful.

My goal is to have made serious progress by the holidays and each day I’m one step closer.

When we think of time management, I understand that we each have the same amount of time. I also know that it’s how we choose to live it that makes the difference. Right now, I’m staying focused and it’s amazing how 15 minutes a day allows for some serious progress. Who ever said it had to be all or nothing? 🙂

As I declutter and organize, I want to make sure I am not just clearing surfaces and stuffing the items somewhere else. I want to make sure I’m implementing a system to keep the space organized. My desire is to have spots that are beautiful, functional and easy to maintain.

In deciding whether to keep something, I’m really trying to be honest and ask myself,

“Does this __”xyz”__ help me accomplish my work or enjoy my life?”

If not, it’s clutter!

A few months ago, I received a storage piece from  Sauder and I am enjoying it now even more than when I received it.

Why? Because it’s been a key workhouse during my Clutter Countdown Challenge.

This week I decided to tackle our crafts.

Up until now, they’ve been scattered throughout the house and honestly, I’ve wasted money looking for items that I know I purchased, but couldn’t find, only to have to rebuy them. I knew I wanted one spot to house everything from spray paint, to brushes, yarn, markers, etc.

Ideas for storing crafts

If you are a creative person, then you may know what I experienced.

Here are a few tips to ponder when thinking about your space.

Consider what you have and where you are storing it. Is it in one spot? Does it take hours to get it out?  Is there a drawer you can use? Can you create a plan or use special containers to bring things together?

This storage cabinet  Sauder was an amazing solution because it’s so functional and the louvered doors easily conceals projects and crafts, yet allows me to access them whenever I need. I’m still playing with the adjustable shelves. I’ll configure them perfectly to my supply needs, and love the versatility.

Even while I was gathering my craft supplies and relocating them, I still spent time decluttering. Fabric that hadn’t been touched in years, paints that were nearly dry, scrapbook supplies that others would appreciate more than me all had to go.  I just love all that stuff, but it was stuff I wasn’t using.

Great storage chest from @Sauder. Super affordable

This is “my” storage cabinet, but used by nother creative crafter. She stores her stamps and scrapbook items and she has a lot of it.

Great use of bookshelves for extra clothes

I saw this yard sale bookshelf turned baby clothes wardrobe and thought that would be a great idea for my storage cabinet too.  Since the shelves are all adjustable, it would work very well for a nursery with limited closet space.

Love the versatility of this Sauder Chevron Storage piece

I ordered this upholstered storage ottoman for under $30. Yes, I am crushing on Chevron still and adore this look.

Using an ottoman for storage

  It’s affordable without sacrificing style or quality.
This is so practical. Love this storage from Sauder

My daugher and I are debating what room it’s going to finally land in because she wants it in her room. I want it for extra storage downstairs.

Love this extra storage under my table

But it neither of us may get our way and it may end up housing our towels. 🙂

Great storage ottoman

In thinking through other creative storage ideas, I wanted to share my friend Laura’s storage with a beautiful vintage twist using crates. Check out her amazing project and directions.

Create Additional Storage ideas

I love vintage suitcases and have picked up a few to use in my home decor.

Unique storage ideas. Love using suitcases for lots of storage

Aren’t these two ideas genius? Many of you have mentioned not having adequate closet space and this is surely a creative way to add storage with a decorative twist.

Suitcase storage


So let’s keep at this, sweet friends.

We can do this!! Hopefully, some of these ideas will get your creative juices going to implement some new storage systems.

While I love my yard sale and thrifting finds, I’m also thankful to Sauder for making a broad variety of designs and styles that cost a lot less than you think, giving us the freedom to furnish our home at a fraction of the cost.

31 Days Clutter Countdown

Are you following along with our Clutter Countdown Series?

Take just 15 Minutes a day and we will make a huge change in our home.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.