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Ziplock Vacuum Sealer System (w/ Target Gift Card): Holiday Giveaway Bash


Since I’ve been in Peru all week, my Holiday Giveaway Bash got put on hold. I’m finishing up the rest of my great giveaways. As you read this, I’m flying home from Peru. I’d love for you to read about our life changing week with Compassion. [3] To enter the rest of my holiday giveaways, click here. [4]

[5]You all know how much I love to Power Cook. [6] Yes, attempting to see how much I can accomplish in the kitchen in just an hour or so, is a challenge I take on regularly, and with that challenge comes a lot of freezer cooking.

I cook things in bulk and then divide them into Ziplock bags. Often, this works wonderfully, but every once in a while I have an issue, which causes my husband to say, “I’m getting you a vacuum sealer for Christmas.”

Just recently, I bought thirty pounds of chicken [7]and what I did with it was nothing less than magical. I featured it over on 10 Minute Dinners [8], although this Ziplock Freezer Vacuum kit that I am now giving away would have been PERFECT to take that Power cooking evening to the next level. For the most part, regular Ziplock bags work well, but they just don’t seal for long term freezer storage like I desire and every once in awhile when I’m in a rush, I forget to close it as tight as the bag should be…oops.


If you read my blog regularly, you know there’s posts and posts on the benefits of freezer cooking, but here are just a few benefits of freezer cooking (paired with a vacuum sealer) to refresh your memory.

Save Money – Just from the chicken I purchcased in bulk earlier in the month. I saved SO much. Buy on sale and you don’t have to make last minute sprints to the store or continual take out.

Health Benefits  – We know that homemade meals help us control exactly what’s we put in our recipes. Less preservatives, hormones etc, plus bags used with the system have superior strength and barrier for foods in the freezer

Reduce Waste –  For years, I’ve done “No More Food Waste Weeks.” [10] This helps us freeze those leftovers allowing my budget and meal plan to benefits greatly.

The new Ziplock Vacuum Sealer System, found in stores this January) include the Vacuum sealer along with large and small rolls that are customizable to fit whatever you’re storing and/or freezing.

One fortunate reader from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam will win:

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