November 20, 2017

Holiday Giveaway Bash: Nordic Games for the Wii (We Sing Pop & 80’s)


We Sing: 80s (with 2 Microphones for Nintendo Wii)

The minute this came in the mail, I turned the cover over and broke into song. Yes, there’s nothing like creating a little nostalgia in the kitchen for your kids by blasting out all your most favorite songs from the 80’s. 🙂

I don’t know why they didn’t appreciate it like I did. People pay me the big bucks to sing at their weddings, but my children? Not so much!

For those of you who have a Wii or are giving gifts to a fortunate owner of one, these will be tons of fun!! It’s like Karaoke, even better and Nordic games is a premier creator of all things video games. 🙂

“Get into the groove with WeSing 80s and sing along to the greatest songs from one of music’s most iconic and best-loved decades. Featuring era-defining artists and a host of fantastic multiplayer features, WeSing 80s will have you singing DeBarge’s “Rhythm of the Night” like you own it.”


  • · 30 unforgettable 80s hits, including 21 worldwide No. 1 hits;
  • · Original artists and videos included;
  • · Solo, Party and Karaoke modes;
  • · Works with up to 4 mics so four players can sing together;
  • · 8 Multiplayer Modes;
  • · Singing Lessons help train your voice;
  • · Replay feature lets you review your performance and add cool effects to your voice;
  • · Rap Scoring – fully sing-able rap and R&B songs;
  • · Star Notes gives you extra points for hitting hard notes;
  • · Jukebox / In-game Awards;
  • · Three Difficulty Settings: Easy, Medium and Hard with short or full-length song modes.
  • · Compatible with Logitech® USB microphones from Sing It, High School Musical 3, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Glee.

We Sing Pop with 2 Microphones – Nintendo Wii (2 Mic Bundle)

This was the list that our kids started singing, yes, especially our daughter.

  • ·  The first singing series to feature four singers at the same time
  • ·  30 sensational POP hits from six decades of POP music
  • ·  Featuring original songs and videos from the World’s biggest artists like Lady Gaga and Coldplay
  • ·  Eight multiplayer Party Modes
  • ·                              Blind and Expert mode available in Solo game play

SO who is ready to win these two WII games?


All week, I’ll be sharing some great Giveaways, so make sure you enter to win!

I’m starting off with a $100 Gift Card from Dayspring! I’m excited for you!

Enter to Win: You have five chances to win, but only one entry is necessary.

1) Who will get these fun Wii games?

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