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DIY Kitchen Tip: How to Make a Tortilla Bowl


Our family can’t get enough Mexican food,  so tortillas are a stock piled staple [3] since I use them in so many recipes and Mexican freezer meals. [4]I honestly don’t think our pantry has been without them in over two years.

Sometimes it’s just fun to do something different, especially when it’s so simple to be creative. Why not take an extra minute of your time and make some Tortilla Bowls.

There are various ways to do this, including baking them in the oven, but since most of us have microwaves, I’ll give you the 1 1/2 minute version.


Another variation on this uses an upside down muffin tin. It’s the perfect way to make small, appetizer sized bowls for salsa, guacamole or any dip. Just take small or medium size tortillas, bunch them up and bake them for a few minutes.

Crispy Taco Shells [6]

via  [7]

Aren’t these perfect? So many options!


Pick your perfect size.

How to make a baked Tortilla Bowl in minutes [9]